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Rowdy's comeuppance

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Rowdy seems to have met her match. Buddy went into the bathroom, this morning to get petted by Bill. Rowdy shouldered her way between them and demanded attention. Buddy hauled off and gave her smack that sent her out of the room.

At the moment, Buddy and Rowdy are rampaging, through the house and arguing over who gets to play in a box. Mind you, there are two boxes but they both want the same one.

After his initial standoffishness, Buddy has settled right in. He sleeps in our bed all night and gives Rowdy "what for". He's also VERY demanding of attention: "Pet me NOW!"
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Good for Buddy! This is probably a good thing that Rowdy has to learn to share!
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Hehe... that's too funny. At least there's no fur flying! I'm sure Rowdy will come around and she and Buddy will unite their powers to make you crazy!
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Buddy also beats her to the food bowl. Opie has always sat back and let Rowdy eat first. Buddy is so big, he blocks the bowl.
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*lol* Go Buddy!
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Hehe! Go Buddy! LOL
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OMG! I want a pic of Buddy giving Rowdy "what for". Buddy sounds really cool!!!!! I'm sure they will get more used to each other soon.
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They play well together. Buddy is just getting more assertive. With that squeaky little voice and no cojones, I guess that he has to assert his masculinity (what's left of it) somehow.
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Ha! Well that showed her! Must be interesting times at your house *LOL*. Please post some more pics of your funny trio!!
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