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I have just been bitten (not very hard) by my pregnant cat!
She has never bitten me before I am devastated.I have to admit I was stroking her tummy gently to see if I could feel the kittens and that's when she bit me.Is this normal in pregnant cats?
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This is probably "overstimulation biting." Pretty common in female cats. And yes, being pregnant is probably a factor.
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2 of my boys will give me a nip if I stroke their stomachs for a while, add to that a pregnant cat is likely to be 'hormonal' and may be a bit uncomfortable if she is well into her pregnancy. I wouldn't worry about it too much
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Thanks,at least I know to leave her tum alone from now on lol
She has been very loving with me since the bite,so it's safe to say she is my friend again
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Lucia gave me a few nips when I tried to feel her stomach. She was grouchy sometimes. But now she is fine. I think pregnant cats are little more sensitive to stimulation.
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