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throwing up and eating it

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I am sorry this is such a gross topic title, but yes, Rocky puked last night and as I walked in o where he puked, he had eben eating it...Is this normal is it ok?
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Sometimes they just eat too fast and it comes backup. It hasn't been digested and seems like food to them so they will sometimes eat it. I would feed your kitty small amounts by hand to keep him from wolfing down his food. Once his tummy has a bit of food in it you can let him eat from his bowl.
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I second what DragonLady said.

Did you recently change their food, or did he eat something he shouldn't have, or given him a special treat he's not used to, or yeah do you think he just ate to fast?

Try the above, how frequently does this happen?

My cats (mainly Asim) have done it once in a while, but I always pick it up asap so they don't eat it.
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I haven't recently changed food...and nope, he doesn't do it often..I am probably sure he just ate it too fast since this is the only solution I can come up with,,,,,it just freaked me out...I told Rocky that he was eating puke.."ewww"..he just gave me that meow like,,"mom, I was eating that"
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My hubby calls this "the hot lunch program". Yuck!! Cats do seem to do this sometimes unfortunately.
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Oh, Kathy, i am so sorry to learn that Rocky threw up! That is awful.

Would you consider adding vitamins in your kitty's diet?

From a cat show, i got to talk to some cat owners, and asked about ways to maintain my kitties good health. A very nice lady, Doris, whom i got to befriend introduced me to this product, called Pawier. i bought this from a vendor at the show.

It contains per 1 oz. (30ml):

Vitamin A - 2300 IU
Vitamin C - 1540 mg
Vitamin D3 - 60 U
Vitamin E - 50 U
Vitamin K - 8 mcg
Vitamin B1 - 15 mg
Vitamin B2 - 31 mg
Vitamin B3 - 308 mg
Vitamin B5 - 85 mg
Vitamin B12 - 80 mg
Vitamin B6 - 35 mg
Choline - 36 mg
Zinc - 3mg

Also contains De-Ionized Water, Sodium Benzoate (a freshness source) 0.1%

This stuff is great.. i put a few drops in their wetfoods. It helps prevent itchy/flaky skin, leaky eyes/staining, loss of appetite, allergies, fur balls, ear infections, arthrities, urinary tract disease, stress, urinary odor, etc.

My babies are healthy. Thought it would be great to share this stuff with you, Kathy.

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