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Need a prayer/vibe or two (health)

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I rarely ask, especially for myself. But my past is kinda catching up with me.

If anyone reading this has met me or seen my pictures, you know I'm very fair skinned. I, like most of us in my generation (I'm approaching 36), spent a good chunk of my childhood in the sun, whether playing, or goofing off in the pool. I had my fair share of sunburns and stuff. I used to get mole-checks regularly many years ago, but since I've moved around so much since 2001, I haven't established myself with a dermatologist (also a lack of insurance has deterred me). Now, I have a mole just under my jaw line which has been there a number of years, but just in the last few days has hardened, and when I looked at it a few minutes ago close up with a mirror, I noticed its appearance had changed... not good. REALLY not good. My aunt used to sunbathe religiously and had many, many cancerous moles removed several years ago... she learned her lesson.

So, I'm going to blindly pick a dermatologist from the same group as my Primary Care (a local teaching hospital), and in the morning, I'm going to see how quickly I can get my urgent mole, and all the others, in for a visit. I hope they're somewhere close to being as good as my former dermatologist. He was THE top dermatologist in the SF/Bay Area... sadly, I don't live there anymore, and it takes you weeks to get in to see him. if he's even practicing anymore.

So, I'm asking for prayers/vibes that I get a good doctor, and that it's not malignant. My insurance s*cks as it is... God help me if this ends up worse than just an annoying mole... pray for it being carcinogenic... not malignant... malignant bad... very bad.

I'll most likely be spending the rest of my vacation time locked inside with a bandage on my face... *sigh*

And hope i get in ASAP... these guys have been really strange lately... well, the clinic I go to has...

Wish me luck/vibes/good thoughts!!

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many vibes it's not malignant, Good luck
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Just something to think about. My Uncle is fair skinned. he's been an electrician for 40 years. in Phoenix. He has had at least 20 cancerous moles/marks removed from his face and arms over the years.

The reason I say this is just so you realize that most times local removal is all it takes. The last time my uncle got cosmetic surgery to overcome the scar.

So hang in there!
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
just so you realize that most times local removal is all it takes
They remove them in the doctors surgery here as well now instead of going all the way to hospital.

Lots of healthy coming your way
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I, too have been going through something similar with some moles that devloped on my shin. They just removed them and everything was fine. I have an appt in 2 weeks for another removal. Here is hoping that yours is nothing serious, too
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Lots of good luck vibes coming your way.

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I hope everything turns out alright...please let us know
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super uber vibes coming to you remember it could be nothin and if IF its some thing it can be easily removed okay
Jess x
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If it is OHSU you should be absolutely fine. They have some excellent doctors. I use some of them and have been happy with my care. I am a very picky patient and expect a lot from my doctor.
I do have an excellent recommendation for one if you need it after you see this one. Just PM me and I will give it to you.
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both my parents had to have cancerous marks removed from their skin so I know how it is good luck with your hunt for a good derm.
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My dad just had a non-cancerous one removed a month or so ago... then again, he's 82 and works out in the garden, despite wearing a hat... and it was done in the doctor's office... so I know they do it there...

So, I just called, and of course this happens (the way of things for me) on the ONE weekday they don't have office hours... Wednesday. There is telephone support after 9:15... it's 8am now... so I'll finish my breakfast, maybe take a shower and go grocery shopping, and then when I get back, I'll call again...

Yes, it's OHSU... their dermatology clinic/center/offices. My issue is that I've developed a healthy distrust of male doctors... and there aren't many in that particular office who are female... at least who are currently accepting patients... so I'll try again later this morning...

My body is notorious for doing things like getting sick, injured, etc right before the weekend, or right before the one day of the week no doctors are available... believe me, this is a normal occurrence... so, there's a part of me that's really not surprised at this being a non-clinic day...

Off to try and enjoy Day Two of my holiday...

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Well, hmmm... the earliest appointment i can get is in four weeks... oh, bother.

So, I talked to my dad and he suggested a few things:
1. call my primary care office and try to get in ASAP
2. go ahead and leave my cruddy insurance company (i.e. cancel it through work), and get Kaiser (they've apparently vastly improved since the 1990's), or
3. hit up an urgent care facility.... for a mole. Ummm.... yeah... sure, dad.

So, I called my primary... I won't be seeing my actual doctor, but another one in the clinic... which is fine... I'll be there in an hour...

I may still switch to Kaiser at some point... like after I get some other bills paid off in the next few months... but we'll see...

I'll report back after the visit...

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That's good that your going to see someone now.

I'll keep watching for an update, but lots of healthy on their way again
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It'll get removed Tuesday. Depending on the biopsy results I may cancel or keep the appointment in four weeks with the Dermatologist. They did a mole check and he said the rest of my numerous moles look fine... but that one is questionable... will keep the updates going as things happen.

Thanks everyone...

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Prayers for it to be ok.
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I hope all goes well!

Many that it's not cancerous!

Keep us updated!
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Oh I happy to hear that you got in to see your primary, I was going to suggest that. I had a suspicious mole that my GP found and they got me into a dermatologist faster with their referral. Turned out to be nothing, but they did say I had pre-cancerous markers or something like that. Melanoma runs in my family, my brother also has the same issues. I hope that it is fine and is benign, but on the off chance that they do find malignant cells, remember that Melanoma is 100% curable if detected early enough. And it does seem that you are right up on the changes in it's appearance.

Good luck to you and keep us updated!
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Lots and lots of vibes for something completely benign!
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So, it was removed this morning... I think the local anesthetic is starting to wear off a bit, because it's starting to hurt a little... so the one doctor has a sense of humor (granted, there were three of them in there)... After they'd put a folded towel over my eyes to block out the HUGE exam light pointed at my face... he decided to lift the table a little more for the other doctor... he told me he was going to do it... so partway through, I commented 'yeah, I've had better roller coasters' to which he laughed... so after all the humor (and the "you're doing great's" from the doc with the knife), they stichted me up and slapped a HUGE white bandaid on my neck... this thing is the size of China, I swear... it runs from my earlobe to my chin... the mole was only 6mm! Yeesh...

But they removed it, apparently cutting fairly deep, and have sent it off to have the labs look it over... it'll take 1-2 weeks for results. I'll go back next Tuesday to have the sutures removed...

now to get rid of this cold/flu I have so I can go back to work Thursday...

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Doesn't it feel great to have it gone?
Now come the vibes for it to be nothing at all...

Did they say you could have an ice pack? That helped my father a lot...
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
Doesn't it feel great to have it gone?
Now come the vibes for it to be nothing at all...

Did they say you could have an ice pack? That helped my father a lot...
I don't know... I haven't read the after-care instructions completely yet. But it hasn't really been hurting... I have no idea when the anesthetic wore off... if I touch the bandaid, I can feel 'something' but not real pain... I have always had a very high threshold for pain... when I popped my kneecap out (went right back in) attempting to play tennis many years ago, I didn't realize I'd done anything for two days... I just don't feel 'low pain.'

So the anticipation begins... is it nothing? something, but benign? or something icky? only time (1-2 weeks) will tell.

Okay... I'm gonna take more meds and crawl back under my microplush blankie on the bed. I had JoJo playing nurse a little while ago, by curling up right next to my head... she knows I'm not at 100% between the cold and all... she sniffed at my hair and face where the sticky-backed plastic stuff was during the procedure. (you know, that stuff they place around the are to be worked on that sticks to the skin, so you don't get all bloody there... nice invention... trying to explain blood at the grocery store would've been interesting).

Back to bed...

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Here is sending so many positive vibes your way that everything turns out ok. Try not to think about it, I know that is not easy to do, but try at least, 2 weeks can be soooo long under these circumstances.
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Good luck with the results!
As for taking care of the wound, for minimizing scarring I think you're supposed to keep it moist, use Vitamin E cream, and not move the area too much. Do you think you can not talk for a few weeks? Hope it heals well!
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Good luck with the results!
As for taking care of the wound, for minimizing scarring I think you're supposed to keep it moist, use Vitamin E cream, and not move the area too much. Do you think you can not talk for a few weeks? Hope it heals well!
Once the stitches come out next week, I can do scar-minimizing stuff... until then, no moisture.

Not talking... HA! Like that'll ever happen. I rarely shut up... Here's a couple pics of JoJo playing nurse to me... You can see the massive white band-aid just under my jaw. Most of what you see is 15 pound kitty-rumpus, but there's no one else here to take pictures...

Guarding her human from the evil camera... you can see the white bandage...

Nurse JoJo giving Purrs, a long standing tradition in healing humans.

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Awwww JoJo ...... thats so sweet. My kitties are like that when I am under the weather. There is nothing better
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well, I guess the anesthetic has completely worn off... not extremely painful, but if i move my head, or brush my hand against it, I get a mildly painful sensation (scale of 1-10, probably about a 3 or thereabouts, so not bad). Doc told me to use Bayer or ibuprofen... but all i have is Aleve... the others don't typically work that well for my more aggressive pain points (back, feet, headaches), actually even Aleve is slowly losing it's effectiveness...

I'll take one tonight and then when i go pick up the cats' prescription tomorrow, I'll try and remember some Bayer.

Okay... I think I'm ready for the couch now... done with the napping on the bed for the day...

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before my surgery, when i could still take NSAIDs, i found the most effective thing was to take a combination... i.e., exedrin, ibuprofen & ketoprofen all at the same time. i tried the naproxen sodium, as well, but didn't find that my results improved w/it in the mix, so i discontinued it.
depending on your frequency of use & your weight you might try this... 1-2 of each painkiller [exedrin & the knockoffs have aspirin, caffeine & acetominiphen].
ketoprofen [assuming it's still available] is Orudis KT, btw.
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