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Cross Stitch anyone?

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I've noticed quite a lot of members are into crafts and needlework (yes, I'm one of those who actually read the members profiles ).

I love to cross stitch! Anyone into that? I thought we could share tips and tricks and talk about projects (past and present). I've just finished a small picture in needlework (not x-stitch) and have started a big project last night. It's a celtic pattern in greens and corals and looks a bit like a rug. I chose it because it's easy to stitch without constantly looking at the chart (lots of repeatitions and large areas of colors. Good for stitching in front of the TV

And a question for any expert stitchers we may have here. I stitch on aida or on one of those large holes evenweaves. I tried to stitch on linen, but it's so difficult getting the X's right. I can't count threads for each stitch so my X's lose symmetry and get very ugly Any advice on that one?
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Sorry Anne...can't help you there. I tried at one time. I am too impatient for something like that. I am lucky that I can sit long enough to make a cage curtain on the sewing machine. I love crafts, but only the ones I can finish asap.
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I used to do cross stitch but I don't have the time or patience anymore. My sister Robin, who posts here does cross stitch all of the time. And she is real good at it. Hopefully she will see the post. If not, I will point it out to her.

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I used to cross stitch alot about 6-7 years ago but got out of the habit and when my family and I moved 5 years ago my supplies (large collection of thread,books,hoops etc.) came up missing
So, haven't done for a while...but like to talk about hobby and probably will start back up one of these days.. with much encourgement...right Anne???
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I love cross stitch and needlework but have never really finished a project besides very small ones So I don't know how much help I will be
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I can't get into cross-stitch, but I love to embroider, crochet and knit.
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If you have problems with the silk thread sticking to your fingers, wear a thin pair of latex gloves. Plus, if you are doing a complex pattern with a lot of colors, use an individual needle for each color you are putting into the pattern. Just be sure to bring you needles up to the top of the design so you don't get them all knotted together. Saves you tons of time because you don't have to stop and rethread all the time
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I'm an amateur cross stitcher. i enjoy it but i'm still doing the beginner stuff. hopefully there is lots I can learn from you guys
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i have never tried this, but have always wanted to
give it a shot, it looks not only fun & creative, but, interesting to me.

i would love to see some finished products

i'd also love to learn how to quilt, it looks incredibly difficult, and
something that would be very time-consuming, but, worth the effort,
anybody else quilt?

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I love to cross stitch, but I do it in spurts. Lately I choose small things that can be completed quickly because I like to see the results. I have a few bigger pieces that I have done hung up in the house. Most often I do projects as gifts. These days I do all my work on Aida, but when I was a kid, I did all stamped designs on linen. I really want to find a good cat design to do for my kittens. I just haven't had the time lately to get a project started.
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Anne I don't cross stitch but my anut does, She is really talented when it comes to that. Unfortunatly I am not. I hate to sew and refuse too. I cook and do alot of things outdoors. She did a cross stitch after my daugher was born. She framed it, it is really nice. It has her name, weight, oz. inches date of birth on it. I reallly wish I had the patients for that but I don't. I love to be outside doing things.
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Hi Anne,
Michele did tell about your post. I love to do cross stitch, but I do mine (counted cross stitch) on the aida cloth and not linen, so sorry I can't really be of any help. I would stick to the aida cloth. It is fun to do, but I can only be doing the stiching and nothing else because I sometimes lose my place and that can be a disaster. Good Luck
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Well, I've found an evenweave with large holes (not linen) so that's what I'm stitching my current project on. It's a large project some 150*500 stitches... I like aida a lot and it's definitely the easiet to stitch on, but I wanted to make a change. Plus for the celtic pattern I'm doing I wanted a fabric with a more "ancient" look.

I also do x-stitch projects as gifts most of the time. I don't stitch that much really and have so far only 4-5 finished projects to brag about My first is my favorite, it was a Siamese cat sitting by a vase and I gave it to my vet where it's still hanging on his office walls.

Deb, I have dozens of cat designs. Let me know what you're looking for and maybe I can scan one and email you.

Hissy, your tip is great for complicated multi-colored works. So much easier than stitching one color around empty squares! Thanks!

Oh, and I'd love to do a quilt too. It does look dauting though especially as I don't have a sewing machine so I would need to do it all by hand.
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You know me, Anne, orange tabbies!
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I'm trying to get the scanner running with new drivers. As soon as I can I'll PM you a nice chart
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Anne, I was just thinking, cross-stitching would be the perfect thing to keep you busy while you're stuck in bed!
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Maybe it's a hobby you should consider taking up, AP. It would be something for you to do evenings when your laptop gets repossessed by your job.
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Deb, that's a great idea!
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It's just that you seem to have so much time on your hands!
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well I don't have a tahoe to go cruising around in
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We can't all be a badass like me.
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My mother is an expert cross-stitcher! She has done many many many of projects with it.. made many presents for people.. had her stuff sold at craft shows. She's VERY talented. She got me started on it when I was younger.. like 14 or so. I found it really fun.. and then one day.. while I was cross-stitching... (sitting on the couch watching tv) I set the point down into the arm of the sofa. Well something came on tv.. I forgot what it was.. but I was like "Oh my God.. no way" and slammed my arm down on the arm of the sofa in surprise at whatever it was on tv. The needle went 3/4 of the way into my wrist.. eye of the needle first.

My parents weren't home at the time.. it was me and my best friend Mandy from across the street. I went into shock.. trying to yank the needle out with my fingers.. but I couldn't because my fingers kept slidding off of it.

We ended up going to my OTHER neighbors house.. and they pinned me down (it took all 4 of em :LOL: ) and yanked the needle out with plyers. That wasn't a fun experience for me.. and I haven't stitched since.

So any of you who do cross-stitch.. NEVER stick the needle in the arm of a chair/sofa/etc.. buy a pincushion!!!
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That story can only be topped by my own dimwitted story involving a needle. I was attempting to get a splinter out of my ex's finger with a needle. I had to put the needle down for a second, so I stuck it into the mattress so I could grab the tweezers and yank out the splinter.

Did I mention that it was a waterbed mattress? A microsecond after stabbing a hole in it, I said, "I didn't just do what I think I did, did I?"

And out shot a tiny stream of water. What a moron!
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I love to cross stitch and have done lots of pieces that I have framed and hanging on the walls or have given away as gifts. Right now I am working on a picture of Oakley Plantation that will be about 12 x 14 inches in size unframed.
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