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Brian needs a home

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Brian is almost two years old and an absolutely sweetheart. She's mostly black with 4 white paws and one partially white leg. She has little white splotches that come up around her mouth and a white chest and belly. She's so cute and tiny! She's only about 6 or 7 pounds, she won't get any bigger.

She's a little skittish at first but once she forms an attachment, she's very loyal and loving. She's always coming up to me looking for treats or pets or meowing for my attention. She has the cutest little meow and she "talks" to me all the time. She's never bitten or scratched me and she's very gentle.

I can't keep her anymore, unfortunately, and I just can't take her to a pound since I'm afraid she won't be adopted in time since she's not a kitten. So I'm looking for someone to take good care of her and love her as much as I do.

She's very social, she absolutely adores our other cat and she has no problem around our two dogs. She's very playful and will chase just about anything you put in front of her. She's very snuggly once she gets used to you and she just loves to be petted and scratched.

She would love an indoor home with another cat to play with. She's always been an indoor cat although she and the other one do escape to the outside sometimes. She doesn't run away, she just crawls under the house until someone comes out with food, so you could probably put her outside and she'd do just fine.

I ask a small re-homing fee that can be discussed when it gets to that. I'm not worried about the money, I just want her to go to a good home.
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I wish I could help, but I will bump the post so maybe some that can will help you. Good Luck!
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I have a full house too. But you may consider petfinder to help you.
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Thank you for the responses

Petfinder, huh...I didn't even think of that, thank you I'll put an ad up for her on there as well.
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I wish I can help also and love black and white cats.
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