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2 cats and bengal kitten not getting along

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recently I was given a beautiful blue eyed snow bengal she kitten for my birthday. I already have 2 tom cats 1 is around 3 years old and neutered and the other is only about 3 - 4 months old both get on and are very affectionate.
I've had the kitten for about a week and have kept her seperate in my bedroom she is very different from my toms she is very vocal, wants to play with everything and only wants attention when shes tired and comes to you which is what I expected of her being a bengal and also a female.
However yesterday I moved into a new house and finally tried to introduce the cats in their new home, this did not go well......
The kitten seems confident about going around the whole house but she is very hostile to my older cats, to the point where my young tom hid behind the sofa and the older one under a bed upstairs and every time one comes out of his hiding place the bengal hisses, growls and chases them back to their hiding places and they are visibly terrified and shaking.
It was like this all day and by night time I decided to leave them overnight to see if they settled a little however when I got up both the cats were still in exactly the same places. This concerns me because i'm sure my kitten isn't letting them get to the water/food/tray. It is now 9.00pm on the second day and the situation remains the same.
The kitten also is very aggresive in general she seems to growl and hiss at nothing as well as at her toys and people especially when you move her or pick her up.
Anyone hve any ideas what I should do?
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I hope you've put the new cat in a room and let your other cats get food and water.

Congratulations on getting a new cat! Introductions can take a long time, but, with patience, you should be able to get to the point of having a stable household.

Have you read the articles and threads about introductions on this forum and the site in general? Here's the appropriate thread, which includes a link to an article.

Keeping then separate at first was a good idea, but you rushed the actual introduction part. Moving and having everyone get used to a new territory would be likely to extend the process, not make it easier. I'd put them back in separate places, and re-start the introduction process. Use a towel to swap scents, and have the cats' food on towels with the other cat's scent.

With patience, you will again have a peaceful (although, with a Bengal kitten, not a quiet!) house.

You might get more Bengal-specific advice with a thread in the Breeder's Corner forum.
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When we first brought our Bengal kitten Zoey home she was the same way. The first day I kept her in our bedroom with the door shut. She made some fierce little noises! She wanted out to take over the house and she promptly did just that. I've had cats all my life and she wasn't your typical kitten. When it was feeding time she would growl while she ate making a growling "yum yum" noise. My other cats didn't know what to think of her at all. I had to work with Zoey on a few issues such as biting when being picked up. I just gave her a lot of patience and love and she has really turned around. She has become a very special cat in our household and very much loved. Bengals are very active cats and they seem to demand a lot of playtime with their humans. I know Zoey demands quite a bit of attention from us for her entertainment. When she wants to play she will follow us around the house with toy in mouth until we get the picture!

Zoey is a year old now and all is well in our house. The 5 other cats survived and she has made friends with them.
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