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Older cat fighting, should I separate him?

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My Mum has two cats that are brothers and eleven (11) years old. Previously they all lived nearby and one of the cats (Eric) would essentially live with me; eating, sleeping and using a litter in my flat. He is very much an outdoorsy sort and resents being kept in for too long; he's also spayed / neutered.

About a year ago my Mum moved much further away and both cats went with her (I was away traveling) and since then Eric has been getting into a lot of fights with a cat that was previously resident in that house plus another of the neighbours. These fights are becoming more and more serious, with Eric coming off much worse. Whilst Ole, his brother, has settled in fine, despite him (or maybe because?) being the dominant cat.

Would it make sense to move Eric back to my apartment? The only local cats are spayed females and younger cat he was once dominant to. Eric would also receive a lot more affection here than at my Mums.
Or would this be too much disruption for an older cat?

NB He has a diagnosed heart mummer (sp?) too but is unmedicated and otherwise completely healthy.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
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Do I understand you correctly that both Eric & Ole are dealing with a third cat in the house who is beating up on Eric and an outdoor cat that is also beating up on Eric?

When Eric lived with you, did he enjoy being an only cat when inside?

From my understanding of the situation, it certainly sounds like it makes sense for you to take Eric back. While moving is stressful, being beat up all the time is much more stressful.
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If Eric will be less stressed and safer with you then it is better for him to move in. He obviously is having a hard time gaining a dominant position in your mum's new place.
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Sorry Enuja I wasn't clear there was I?

When my parents moved into the house (where both Eric and Ole currently reside) they suspected that the previous occupiers had abandoned their cat (outside. And they had). My Mum initially asked the neighbours suggesting taking the stray to a home, but the neighbours said they would care for it (they feed it occasionally, we think). Rehoming this cat is not an issue we can consider unfortunately.

Problem is, this cat thinks the house is his (Mum eventually got the cat to stop coming inside the house after a couple of weeks) and the other neighbours cat rigorously defends his patch also very close to the house. Both cats beat up on Eric when he tries to get them off 'his' turf.

He's a silly old sod really, as he doesn't have ANY turf and it baffles me why he has the problem and not Ole. Perhaps its cos Ole is the boss of Eric and 'that'll do him'. Whereas Eric is proper bottom of the pile and he's really fighting for his 'self-esteem'.

It looks like we're going to move Eric back here and monitor the situation. If we have any problems we'll move him back to his brothers.
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Originally Posted by kazschofy View Post
Perhaps its cos Ole is the boss of Eric
Ole is like my Ashley. He is neither dominant nor submissive. Just gets along with other cats.
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