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Crazy Catnip Caper

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All four of my cats love catnip--not all cats do..I had a calico once, rest her soul, that wouldn't go near the stuff.

Well we moved into a new house recently and thought we put the bag of catnip up and out of reach. We sprinkle a little bit on the scratching posts to make them more desirable to the kitties.

Well apparently one of my darlings decided to go snooping and dug it out....and all four of them while we were sleeping at night took care of what was left in the bag.

We woke up to find two of them completely laid out and one of em jumpy...the kitten didn't partake in the fun the boys had. They were fine there wasn't much catnip left in the bag....

Just enough to make two of them a little drowsy and one of them a bit nuts.

This happened about a week ago. Needless to say we won't be buying any catnip for a while.

Though sometimes I think the cats need rehab for their addiction though.
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ooo rehab for cats! I can relate to that..although its just Salem that loves catnip and oh does he get high....he goes absolutely nuts! Sabrina on the other hand doesn't like it.
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The worst addict in the house is my Padraig and Gibson, though they aren't brothers they might as well be, became members of the household at the same time, from the same shelter.

Both of them were the ones that ate the stuff and enough to lay them out for a little bit....very sedate.

It was my Aslan that came upstairs all paranoid and looking around like he did something wrong. He doesn't usually get into stuff so I'm pretty sure if he could talk he would have blamed it on his feline adopted brothers.

My Willow, she is so-so on catnip. Not as on about it as the boys for sure.
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Zane is immune.
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Kitties are great on cat nip I love watching them play when there high off of it. Cat nip + laser pointer is the best combo IMO never laughed so hard in my life
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We keep the catnip in the refrigerator...

Because, of course, cats don't have thumbs.
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Seldon is my resident junkie. Some catnip and he is rolling around chirruping and rolling around. Then her passes out. Mary acts all hyper and starts pouncing on imaginary objects.
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