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Bath time emergency?

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Why is it that whenever I try to take a peaceful bath, the girls interpret it as some sort of emergency situation? They try everything they know to get me out of the bath tub. If I shut the door, their yowling just gets louder.

Marcie will actually quiet down if I take her in the tub with me and let her sit on my lap...go figure, I guess I need a chaperone for everything I do around here...
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Are they meezers, lol? My Siamese have to be with me every where tho they won't go IN the tub, lol
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Reminds me of Shark this morning, I went into the bathroom for some private time, and she followed me in! That is a first for her too..

I shooed her out of there of course! No prying eyes for me!
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Oh, don't worry. Bath time at my house is an event that requires close supervision, also From both, though mostly Pants... he's always been fascinated with the tub. When I get out, he has to get in and perform an inspection.... that includes a taste-test of the water dripping from the faucet or left in the tub.

Ew. Ha.
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I can't shut a door without at least one of the boys howling at me to let them in - which I don't do as one of the daft things is bound to end up in the bath with me (one loves water, one has a complete lack of feline grace and would more than likely fall in, and one who would try to get in the bath just because it's where I am).

So for a relaxing bath I ensure that there are 2 shut doors between me and the boys, I can't hear them complaining that way!
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So funny!!! Marley is obsessed with anything water related. Every morning after I shower and open the door, he runs in and straight into the tub. This morning he somehow got shut in the bathroom and I heard him meow, I turned around and there he was sitting on the tub ledge peeking his head around watching me shower!!! What the hell??? I have never seen a cat like water so much. He has taken to playing in the bathtub at night also!! His litter box is in the bathroom so I can't shut him out!!
Crazy Kitty!
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Well, I shower in the master bath which has a pocket door. I sometimes leave the pocket door open an lo and behold, a paw opens it up. If I close it all the way, then she meows until I let Butzie in. When I get out of the shower, she has to go inside and check it out.

This hasn't happened much lately as most every day I shower at my club because we are on water restrictions.
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Between the kids, cats and dogs I am rarely unsupervised in the tub or shower. Gus thinks I don't use enough soap. he keeps knocking it back in the tub. Lucky hates it when i close the curtain, then she can't see me.
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Since its only me and DH and no 2 legged kids, we don't shut the door all the way. Charlie usually will come in to supervise and try to get the sponge

I'd just let them come in and see what you are doing.
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Flower likes to sit on the edge of the tub when I take a bath and drink the water in the tub. She also likes to sit on my belly and drink the water, but she is really carefull not to touch any water. When i shower she has to be in there to watch. I used to think she was weird, but the morrning after we found Lillte Man (thinking his name is going to be Figaro) he also had to watch me shower
I would also just let them come in. At least you can take a quite bath if there in there with you
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I close my bathroom door when using the toilet; otherwise the kitties will try to climb on the toilet and see what's going on, which is little too invasive for me.

Usually I leave the door open. Slasher likes to climb up and watch me shave or brush my teeth.

They don't bother me in the shower, except once when one of them poked his head in to check.

When I do close the door, they're usually waiting outside it when I leave.
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I generally have a audience when I am taking a bath...Sassy is usually reclining in the sink, Pixie is perched on the toilet tank and Linus is stretched out on the side of the tub....

Showers aren't much better usually at least two are down at the other end of the tub peering around the shower curtain...
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When I lived in a place with a bathtub I would take looooooong baths. Danny would hang out while I was running my tub and then check on me every so often. I guess he wanted to make sure I hadn't drowned!
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I don't think I've taken a bath/shower alone since I adopted Cinnamon. She is where I am. If I lock her out all she does is sit right outside the door and cries until I let her in. so it's more peaceful for me to just let her in in the first place. She finds a cozy spot on the rug stretches out and takes a nap usually. sometimes she's sit on the edge of the tub and paws at it. I don't mind it at all now that we have Bell bath time gives Cinnamon and I some time when it's just the two of us.
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