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My car got specs of white paint on it....

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And I am so not happy. I have no idea where it happend and work insists that they have not been painting anything with white. I have a dark purple car so the white is obvious when you are up close. I know that buffing will get it out, but I just don't have the time to deal with the hassel.
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Oh bummer! I watched the road crew paint the white likes in the parking spaces once, while cars were in them. My car was white so it wasnt a big deal, but still, not cool.
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My last car had white paint all over the bottom. It was frustrating because I had drove over a painted line and got it all over my dark green car. It was an old beat up car anyway so I didn't take the time to cover it.

You could go to your local auto shop/store and see if they have your color of touch up paint. It's only $5 for a small tube you paint on yourself. That's what I did with the car I have now. It doesn't look as nice as it would if you had it done proffessionally, but you can't tell unless your close up.
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Before you take any sort of touch up paint to it, see if there's a possibility that it can be buffed out. Maybe you'll get lucky can it can be. Otherwise you're stuck with repainting.
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i would try and buff it out first before painting. I backed into a pole once (my car has a really high rear end) and I had white paint all over my bumper I was able to buff most of it out and what's left you cant tell unless your really really close.
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Are you sure it's the presence of white paint and not the absence of purple paint? Just a thought cuz I have a black car and noticed white specs on it and got peeved... upon closer inspection, I noticed it was actually bits of my paint chipped off - most likely from highway driving especially behind tractors where little stones get flicked up. I did get touch up paint from pep boys since it wasn't through the primer... if you are going to get touch up paint - check online with your car's make and model and get the RIGHT color... you wouldn't believe how many shades of black there are!
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Sometimes a little toothpaste is all it takes!
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Whatever you're going to do about it, do it quickly, because the longer it's exposed to sunshine, the harder it will be to get off.
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There was a spot on the news last night about cars in Sturgeon Bay getting spots of white paint. Seems that two of the large ship building yards were causing the damage to the vehicles which the DNR is making them fix.

Any commercial builders like that close to where you park?? Its seems that some of the affected cars in Sturgeon Bay were several blocks away from the shipbuilders yards.
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