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I am sooo depressed!

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One of the new mommy's of my kittens just called and let me know the kitten tested pos. for FIP. She said she has only been exposed, and doesn't have the illness yet. Her littermate was neg. but has a high liver count. I am confused.. I feed Royal Canin and canned 3 times a week. I never let the cats out except to make trips to the vet. What am I going to do? What am I doing wrong? Can someone give me some input about this illness? I have 3 pregnant queens and this is terrifying me! I am making a vet appointment for Friday, with 7 cats this is going to be a very big hit on our budget. We just paid for extensive dental work on the kids (root canal AND BRACES)and don't even have the cash for food right now. We may have to take out a loan on the house to get by
I am just a wreak and don't know what I'm going to do. Please send positive vibes and any info you can give me about this illness.
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Aww Teresa, you are in my prayers, I hope this turns out okay!

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Oh, I'm so sorry, Teresa! I don't know much about FIP, but I hope everything works out. You and your kitties are in my prayers!!!

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I am so sorry to hear of all of your troubles! I hope everything turns out ok! I will send positve prayers your way.
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Oh Teresa, that's horrible! I'm so sorry.

I'm going to move this to the Breeder's Corner. They can help you better with this issue.

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what is fip?
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Feline Infectious Peritonitis
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she said that if the cats are showing no symptoms there is no need to have them tested. She said most of the tests give false positives and are inconclusive. She also said that the shots are not very effective in proventing the illness I'm not sure what to do at this point??? Should I insist on getting them tested? Will it prove anything? Please Help!!!
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I don't know anything at all about FIP, but I noticed you did say the vet said the tests are inconclusive. Is there a possibility that the kitten that tested positive really may be a false positive?
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I suppose that is possible. I am just wondering why she had tested for it in the first place as well as testing the other kitten for liver problems... I know she had purchased another kitten from a different breeder that died from liver damage. Could her vet be taking her for a "ride"? Perhaps she should take the kittens to be tested at another vet? I just don't know how to broach that subject with out seeming to call her vet a liar, as they may have correct information.
What a mess! I just don't know how to fix this problem. I would hate to get a bad reputation as a breeder and want the best for my kitties. Arrgh! This is going to drive me crazy until I can get this settled! I will call around and find out the cost of the tests and go to at least 2 different places and compare results. $$$$$
Oh well, better safe than sorry and my babies are more important than cable.
My hubby has taken on tutoring on the weekends to add to our income and that is $20.00 an hour for usually 2-3 hours. He loves the cats as much as I do and so we should be able to work this out soon!
Keep those positive vibes coming! Thanks, you are all
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Good thoughts coming from PA.
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Have the kitten retested. FIP is a serum test. Have the kitten redrawn and tested at a different lab or vet . You would have to ask who does the testing as 2 different vets may send out their work to the same lab. Either way i would have a retest.
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Prayers coming your way! I hope everything turns out OK!
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I have been told the test for FIP are inconclusive.I have also been told to NEVER vaccinate for this as it can cause a false positive. Other than that I don't know much about it. I wish you the best of luck.
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It's true, there's no real test for active FIP, they only go by symptoms, and then can only make a true diagnosis on necropsy.
If you test all your cats for FIP, the chances are they most will test with a positive titer. All the titer tells you is weather or not they have been exposed to one of the MANY corona virus's. Cats that live in large #'s such as many breeders, and shelters have been exposed to corona.
I would maybe think back to who you have gotten cats from. Is it possible it was brought into the cattery at some point?
If none of your cats are ill, or show any symptoms of poor health, you are okay.
As for the liver problems? I don't know why a vet would test a young kitten. You might want to ask for test results, and have your vet look at them. You are the breeder, and have a right to know if there's some sort of genetic problem.
I hope everything works out for you!!
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You have all eased my mind so much. I was really in a panic when i wrote this morning. To the who emailed me... thank you again! I really needed that information!
(((HUGS))) to you all!
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I am so very sorry to hear about this! I am praying the other kitties don't have it.
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To add to what Sandie said... If it isn't in your contract, I would add something about having the right to A) retest at your discrection should you not agree with an owners vets tests, and B) to have the right to have any of your cats that have been sold have a necropsy performed on them to determine cause of death and determine genetic defects that would cause the death...

Hope that made sense...
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