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Anyone been on a cruise?

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Jess and I are looking at a combination cruise/land vacation for our honeymoon next year. We're thinking we'd like to catch a cruise from Puerto Rico, then spend a few days on the island when we return. Neither of us have ever cruised before... what have been your experiences with it?

Also, if you've been to Puerto Rico, what did you think? And do you have any travel tips?
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I went to the Bahamas and loved it!. Theres so much to do on a ship you won't get bored, well we didn't anyway
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Cruising is alright. I have done it once and that is enough for me. I personaly don't like being treated like a herd of cattle. But on the other hand, it does take some of the worry out of things.
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Nope and really don't want to. I like water, boats, but IMO cruises would be boring to me.

DH would like to go to Alaska one of these days, so I'll tolerate the cruise part of the trip for him
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I love cruises!! It really depends on which one you go on. I have been on two that were just ok… I forgot the line though. It was just nice vacation nothing totally amazing though. Then I have been on 3 (Royal Caribbean) that was fantastic. They pretty much have someone waiting on you hand and foot the entire time. The ships are huge so there’s so much to do, the food is amazing, the shows are amazing and what’s better then going on a trip and seeing more then one island!

I am going on one at Christmas. I don’t know how you can get bored of it… Mine has surfing, rock climbing, a mall, Ice skating, it has a hot tub that elevates over the sea, lots of bars, restaurants, themed lounges, mini golf… and more…and that’s only what I can remember atm. I really don’t see how you can get bored.

The ONLY thing I don’t like about cruises (I love being treated like a total princess, and you do on these things) is you have to pay for booze. The way I drink… well lets just say last time it took me 6 months to pay it off lol… just the booze lol.

Just make sure you pick a good cruise. It makes a difference. There’s a huge difference in cruise ships.

Good luck, and have fun!
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Im scared of boats terrified actually! But I would love to go if that makes any sense! My mom done a 7 day cruise and loved it I believe then went to the Bahamas she said it was the best thing shed ever done! They are planning another one next year and she wants me and DH to go but the only way Im getting on a boat or ship is if its docked
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We went to the eastern Caribbean (Nassau, Bahamas; St. Thomas, USVI; St. Maarten, N.A.) for our honeymoon in February. Loved it! We kept ourselves busy when we wanted to be busy, and relaxed when we wanted to relax The ship had tons of stuff to do, and we did our own touring of the islands (excursions were a good bit of $$$) In Nassau, we stopped at The Atlantis, which has a massive, beautiful aquarium.

It was A LOT of fun. I had been on a cruise in 1999, but I was young (12) and didn't really appreciate the trip as much as I did this past year. There was just so many things to do and see. Rob and I are planning on another cruise in 2009 - he enjoyed his first cruise quite a bit as well Not sure where we're headed in '09.
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We have been on 20+ cruises. In fact, I used to do work for a cruise web site. I'm about to head out for work, but think of any questions, and I'll try to get to them this evening when I get back from Houston.
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I was on one cruise and that was enough for me.
It took 2.5 days to get to first island-even though there was stuff to do you are still confined to a ship.
You had to get up early to try to save a chair by the pool. And after a few days I was eating all the time. I didn't think there was enough time to spend on the islands either.

If you enjoy just sitting around and not going places it should be ok.
It probably didn't help that the cruise we went on was when east coast kids had winter holiday as there were lots of young kids on the cruise.
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I've been on 2 cruises and they were the best vacations! I'd go on another in a heartbeat! The food was excellent, there was plenty of entertainment, and shopping in the different ports was a blast too! The first cruise was in August and the second was in February. People were still laying out in February but it was too chilly for me! I never had a problem getting a chair on the deck to lounge in, but that's not my favorite thing to do anyway. I guess it depends on the size of the ship and when you go. They've changed the dining on most ships now so it's not quite so formal. Dressing nicely for dinner never bothered me and the seating arrangements were fine too (unlike that commercial on TV lately). DH and I ended up taking an extra excursion with a couple who sat at our table. Just remember that most beverages (soda and alcohol) are extra. Both cruises I took were Carnival cruises and they had a restaurant you pretty much just walked in and got your food buffet style. There you could get juices and what not without extra charge. We usually ate breakfast there because we liked to sleep in. Plus there you could eat out on the deck or inside.

Plan some extra cash for excursions and things on shore. We needed to take a cab both times we were in Mexico. During the first cruise I was still in high school and went with a group. Our routine got to be relaxing in the deck top hot tub after dinner, and then heading to the club (they had an under 21 side as well as a teen club, which we never went into) to dance for a while. And then sometimes after that we'd go back to our room and order room service. (Wish I could still eat like that and not gain weight! Guess we were really active then though!)

Dh and I looked into a few different vacations and it really worked out that the cruise was cheaper (the February one, which we only booked about six weeks in advance, including our airfare). We'd looked into flying into Key West and staying a week. The cruise was cheaper by far, especially when you take into account the food and entertainment. One tip I do have is to pay when you make your reservation to take the cruise lines shuttle from the airport to the ship and back. It saves time and headaches with transferring your luggage. DH and I were able to pay for that when we got to the airport, but it's just easier to make that arrangement ahead of time.

I've not been to Puerto Rico yet, but my parents have since that is where my step-family is from. They love it there. We also have a friend who works there every winter for a few months. There is plenty to do and see. Mom said the biggest surprise to her was that some of the beaches weren't as clean as she'd have expected, but I don't know which ones they went to. It may have not been in the more tourist type areas since they were all over the island visiting with family.

If you have any other questions about cruising just PM me, I'm happy to answer them! And have fun!!
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lol well, been on 2,
second one i got dragged to kicking and screaming. I was so bored, i thought about jumping off the ship and swimming back to shore.

i dont gamble, my idea of drinking is 3 beers in one night, i cant eat that much food or i would be a fat cow again. there was nothing i wanted to do accept for the trap shooting they had.

Also you dont get long enough at port to really see the place your at.

hmm no i dont like them
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Cruises aren't bad but they're not my ideal vacation. I would rather spend my vacation on MY schedule, not the ship's schedule! I also want to go to the beach whenever I want, not just for a few short hours when the ship is docked somewhere! Although, if you are flying to PR and staying at a resort there and then taking a short cruise...that might be different. Then you might be able to see other parts of PR or the Caribbean on the cruise but still enjoy YOUR time on the resort.

But in general I am not a big fan of cruises. TOO many people in a small area, not much to do on the ship and you can't ever "get away" , you are only docked at the island for a very short period of time and are rushed through whatever activity or excursion you are doing b/c you have to get back to the ship on time. I love the beach-ocean, sand, palm trees-and on a ship all there are are a few salt water pools, not quite the same enjoyment. And having to do to dinner at a certain time every day with people you don't know is just not my idea of relaxing and enjoyable! But like I said, that is just my opinion, a lot of people enjoy that kind of vacation!

IF you are not dead set on PR already for your honeymoon, I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Couples Resorts in Jamaica. There are 4 of them in Jamaica. They are AMAZING, very authentic and beautiful. We honeymooned there last summer and have been saving to go back ever since! If interested go to
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I haven't (remembers the Titanic), but I know people who have and they've enjoyed it. You don't get very much time on land though, so based on recommendations from my friends, if you do go on a cruise, do it after you have had a chance to visit the places on land during separate vacations, so that when you do go on the cruise and get land time, you go to your favourite places instead of rushing to try and see it all in 5 hours.
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