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Advice needed for a Snowshoe

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Several years I rescued an adorable cat from from the humane society. Recently I discovered she is a snowshoe. After reading up on the breed, I was surprised to learn about their temperament. Anoria is not the friendliest feline on the block. She has a heart wrenching story surviving four years of extreme abuse. From having a still born litter from being emaciated to literately being set on fire.

Over the last to two she has warmed up to me and the others she's in contact with regularly. In addition she plays with and pals around with my beagle like his sister. But she dislikes all other people and animals, does not like catnip or toys and is very distrusting of teenagers (albeit that was the age of the people who set her ablaze).

Anoria is the first cat I have owned. I do cherish her so. I was wondering if anybody out there has any advice for me to help her regain the playful attitude that is associated with her breed. She allows me to groom her trim nails etc. and never has behavioral issues, if anything she is too timid and neat. I love her regardless, but if there's something more I can do then I will.

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Bless her heart, what a precious little girl she sounds after what she's went through

I'm not familiar with the breed, but i'm sure some of the others will be able to give you some help, so keep looking in your thread.

Have you a picture of your little girl?
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Even within a breed, a cat may have a personality different from what the 'standard' says, especially if they've had such a very traumatic past.

Add to that the fact that so much about a rescue kitty's past is unknown, including exact parentage, and I'd say she may just not be the 'typical' out-going playful type.

It sounds like you've made great progress, just love her as she is.
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Her breed has nothing to do with her personality in this case. Its the treatment and abuse she suffered in the past. Some cats will eventually become nicer over the years, but others will never trust people (or certain people).

The only thing you can do is play with her gently and maybe one day she will be nicer.

A friend of mine rescued several kittens from a bunch of kids who were trying to set them on fire. There was 3 kittens (2M/1F). The males eventually became nice and easy to handle over time. The female never did trust any human again. You could touch her with your toes to "pet" her, but she retained the fear of hands and touching her entire life.
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