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The Daily Thread September 2nd 2008

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Hello Everyone!!

Its back to school time for the majority of children in Wisconsin.
And they have the warmest day of the year so far to experience it.
High of 90F and HUMID!!! Chance of rain tonite and temps to them drop to low 70's for the rest of the week.

So I am watering a couple more flower gardens this morning and will continue everyday until we get a significant amount of rain.

Have to pick tomatoes this morning, prepare my customer invoices for August and check in with one client who hopefully got his stumps ground out so I can continue my work there.

Finished my quilted patchwork pillow shams yesterday and have the three decorative pillows to sew. Also knit more on a scarf.

Neil was not feeling well all day so he was a couch potato!!

Have a good Tuesday everyone.
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Good morning!

Today I start my work trial.

I wanted to make sure that I had enough sleep so I was in bed by 9pm last night, but I didn't fall asleep until closer to 10:30 I hope I can stay awake today! I usually nap around 1 or 2pm, but I work until 3 and won't get home until closer to 4pm, so no napping for me today

Hope everyone has a good day
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Morning All!!!

The big 3 H here this morning hot, hazy and humid..

The kids are returning to school here today as well, I heard several groups walking by earlier.

Heading off to work shortly, catch-up day today so won't be done until late..

Nothing special planned for afterwards just have to run by the drugstore to pick up a prescription, then home..

The kitties are good this morning, birdwatching at the moment..

Everyone have a great day
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My kids were back to school today too, both of them. My daughter started school last week. My son is in preschool so he started today.

We got going as soon as the kids were off to school. Went out to breakfast....went to the grocery store, picked up a new scratching post of the cats (we have one in the basement but we needed one on the main floor).

Though right now....I only see one of my fur babies...he's asleep by the couch.

So far so good as days go...nice weather (until this weekend at least--Hannah's leftovers are forecast to come this way)....Having a pretty good day thus far.
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I'm off to the doctors today, then to the new Job later, then shopping with my best friend, then, who knows..... LOL!
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Evenin' All!

Today I went for my first proper day at college. Reeeally nervous, but in the end it turned out it wasn't so bad.

Which means I still have a week of holiday left

Mitzi's fine, out and about somewhere in the rain.

Have a great day!
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Evening everyone.

Today was a bit exhausting! I'm defintiely wiped out at the moment but I still feel like I have a million things left to do!

I spent all afternoon (and a good bit of my night!) in the cardiologist's office. Looks like I need a cathetar ablasion done on my heart but i still need more tests (set for monday) to be sure. In the mean time i'm stuck wearing a 30 day heart monitor (did that a few yrs back so i'm used to it, just not thrilled- they're kind of uncomfortable)

Tonight after my appointment I went to my sister's house a bit to help her out (they're redoing their bathroom - it looks great so far!) and then she came over to my house for a little while and we had some salads for dinner and I showed her how to feed my furbabies and my fish/frog - they're animal sitting for us while we go out of town tomorrrow - sat to visit DH's family!

I still need to pack and clean house a bit tonight and somehow need to make it to Target or Walmart before they close to get some more shorts. (can't wear the dresses i normally do with a monitor- so i need shorts!)
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