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My cat and bunny

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I have two dogs, one cat and one bunny,
Lukas [the cat] is now 4.5 month old
and Kashi [the bunny] is now 1 year old.

Lukas is blind but he act like he isn't
when Lukas was first came here he was afraid of Kashi
and only set and listen to her
(she is walking around free at the house in most of the day)
but now he got to her size, and he start chasing her
he cannot see her, but he smell and hear her very well..
I think he is just trying to play but it can be dangerous to her..

When she is in her cage he often lying near and fall asleep..

How can I make him be gentle with her?

Here is a picture of the two, when he was younger
(now they are in the same size)

Thank you
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You can't make him be nice to her. Cats are preditors; rabbits are prey. I would NEVER trust a rabbit loose with a cat running around. They might get along for awhile, but sooner or later the instinct of prey/preditor will kick in.

Do not let them alone unsupervised. My first cat had a wild rabbit friend he used to play catchers with. But he also would go and kill baby rabbits in a nest if he was outside and found them. I would NEVER trust him alone with a rabbit.
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That's a big bunny.
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