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Chance has heart murmur.. Need advice/stories of similar experiences

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Chance, my darling foster boy, is currently 2.5 months old. He was adopted by a family just yesterday, and they brought him to a vet to have him checked over.

He had been to vets prior to this for more obvious problems such as his flu and diarrhoea, and also for his vaccinations, so I guess the vets just concentrated on what he was brought in for and did not check for heart murmurs.

Anyway, I read from the internet that heart murmurs are sometimes present in kittens and disappear by the time they are 6 months old. I'm hoping this is the case for Chance.

Does anyone have cats with heart murmur, especially kittens, and can give me some advice or share some stories so I'll know how to advise the family?
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One of my boys has a murmur, it wasn't until he was 3 1/2 years old that he had it, he didn't have it as a kitten. I found it out after he had to be operated on for a blockage in his bladder, I was afraid for him going through the surgery with a murmur. Of course I had no choice, blocked bladder is fatal. But he went through it fine. They said his murmur level is a 3. Some insurance companies will insure if its 3 or less. I've also heard that kittens murmurs will usually right itself. Someone who is more experienced with kitten's murmurs will probably be along to advise you.
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My Meeko had one when she was 3 months and stil had it age 2. I need to ask the vet if she stil has it.
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My little Sebastian had a murmur when he was a baby. It went away. I think the vet told me just to make sure he doesn't get too rowdy when playing, and if he starts panting to stop. He did pant sometimes when he was a kitten and I'd stop playing, but now he's all healthy.

It should clear up on its own but definitely want to keep a close vet's eye on it.
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Heart murmurs are often detected in kittens and young cats. Usually, they're not a cause for concern and the the kitten outgrows the murmur, but I'd definitely have your vet continue to monitor your kitten as he grows. If the heart murmur doesn't go away, it could a symptom of an underlying heart condition. When my cat, Peter, was 9-months-old, our vet detected a grade 2 murmur (graded from 1-6 depending on the loudness). She thought Pete might outgrow it but, when he didn't, she recommended xrays which showed Pete has a slightly enlarged heart. He was then referred for a cardiac ultasound which resulted in a diagnosis of mild HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), a disease of the heart muscle. Because we caught the disease early and thanks to daily meds, Pete is doing fine and is a happy, healthy, active 4-year-old.

In many cases, heart murmurs aren't a cause for concern, but it's definitely worth monitoring Chance for any changes.
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I asked the vet if Meeko still has one and she said yes. Meeko is 8 now and was a very sick kitten. I hope Chance grows out of it.
My Meeko is ok.
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My cat Capone who is 8 years old has had a heart murmur his entire life. My vet said we could do things like get an ultrasound or other tests to see what kind of a murmur it is, but I was not aware of the murmur until he was over a year old and it has not changed in intensity. The vet said we could do the tests and it might help or it might not tell us anything. She says as long as he is doing okay, there is no need to put him through the stress of tests if I don't want to. The only problem I have ever noticed is that he will get a bit winded if he plays extra hard, but he just lays down to rest for a few minutes and he is back to racing around.
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Thanks for your stories and advice, everyone. I'm glad that in most cases heart murmurs are not causes for concerns, and you still have healthy happy kitties whose hearts murmur sweet nothings to them Chance's new owner will definitely have a vet keep a close eye on his condition.
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