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The mean old parrot is just that a mean old parrot. He never has liked
me much. Then when he laid eggs 2 years ago, he/she got really mean, perhaps she feels in compitishion(sp?) with me over the testosterone. (men) I don't know, but he(we always thought she was a he so it's just habbit) use to have a nice perch to hang out on with alot of "roaming" space and now he has to stay in cage and only come out for awhile. He trys to peck everyone walking by, if I'm on puter and he's out he'll actually climb down and come over to get me.

I guess I can kind of feel for "her", I mean if I had never had sex I'd probably be a spinster too. Perhaps thats why people are acting crazy laetly too. We need to make love not anymore war.
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MY angel cat is going to be 5 years old on may 1
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My twins are 2 1/2, and my parent's cat (used to mine untile I moved to my own place ) is 13!!!!!!
(and one of his fleas just jumped on the computer screen... we need to put the flea stuff on him!! gees, you can feel the summer is here )
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Elmo... 2
Loonie 4
Yogi 5
Holly and Sophie 6 months
Le May 1
and Dogs
Jazz and Soul I think between 7-10 I'm not sure

Sam and Friends
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Just turned or turning 2!
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When we got Sam we were told he was 5; that was 1 1/2 years ago, so he would be 6 1/2, but I am guessing that he is closer to 7.

I was told Bailey was 4, but that was just a guess by the vet tech at the SPCA. My vet thinks she is younger so I am saying 3 or so.

I wish they could talk, so I could know more about their ages and history.
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Oreo turns 4 years on april 22

Zeus is 1 year old

Mittens is about 6 or 7 months old
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My Onyx is 3 years old and Sir Gibbons is 6 months
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