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We are going to Las Vegas, NV on Sept. 8, early AM

This is our 5th trip back since getting married there in 2000.

Staying 6 nights.

Cris Angel will be there for a show b4 we leave.
I am looking forward to seeing his show.

Other than that, no real plans.

My sisters double mascetomy is sheduled the day AFTER we leave.
Which stinks but I have a sister living in Vegas that we will probably wait together for the news of the outcome.

I posted a while ago about her breast cancer being back.
Please include her in your prayers!
Laura is her name.
I always thought she had a very pretty name.
Wanted to name my daughter after her, but hubby at the time and her
didnt get along real well.
He was a jerk.
My daughter does have her middle name in common.