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sick kitten

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i have four kittens born about three months ago to my adult female.three of the cats have grown normally and are almost the same size as momma.the fourth is a precious little fellow who has stopped growing,gotten skinny although he eats a lot,has a runny nose and sleep around his eyes sometimes. i feed him canned kitten food with kitten vitamin(crushed into a powder)sprinkled on top.he sleeps with me in the bed at night and is a little angel.he just can't kick this cold or whatever he has.i have had three adult cats for five years now(since they were babies,two males ran off),and i have never seen this.what is happening to my baby buddy,does it have to do with all the rain we've had here lately as one of my friends think.i thought it was a cold but am starting to wonder after three weeks. please help me.
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The best advice that anyone here can give you is to make an appointment with your vet and have your little one properly assessed. I hope you will do so soon.
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If its a cold it could be a uri. He might need Antibiotics. He needs to see a vet. There might be a problem taht is something else and that is why he is small. My Oreo looks like a 6 month old kitten and she is 1 but she has fcks. I also have seen kittens that didnt grow and they died from heart and kidney problems.
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thank you for the replies. i will try to get him to the vet very soon.he is a very special little buddy in my life.
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I hope he will be ok.
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