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Do your cats get regular check ups?

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Just out of curiosity, how often do you see the vet for your cats? Do you go regularly (yearly, or 6 monthly for older cats), or do you just go when your kitty is sick?

2 of my neighbours I've pretty much forced to make check ups for their cats since they hadn't been in a long time, they just never thought about it.
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At a minimum we go annually for checkups and a senior blood workup for Tailer. It seems like we end up there more often, though, because I get paranoid about someone not feeling well at some point throughout the year. (They almost always end up being fine. I always figure, though, that I'd rather over-react than under-react.)
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Given all the mine's needs....the "normal" cats get yearly check-ups....the "abnormal" ones get them at least every 6 months.....Squishy's had 10 exams so far this year.
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All 6 go at least annually.

Tuxie has an autoimmune disease, so he goes every 3 - 5 months, but gets a full blood work up annually.

They also all go annually for a dental, even though they're young. Spooky goes every six months for her dental, because she's got a real problem with plaque, even though we brush her teeth pretty much every day (she loves it!).

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Much goes in twice a year. I've worked it out so that Carly goes in with Much's March visit and Lucy goes in with her September visit. I've only had to take all three in at the same time once and would rather not do that again.

I don't think people understand that they can catch a lot with the yearly visit.
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I get them usually 3 times a yr... as as have active herpes and plus they have two vets one reg and the accupucture/ oriental medicine vet
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We get them in twice a year for check ups and whenever I get worried/paranoid about either of the two being out of sorts or having any symptoms. Our Vet is pretty good about consulting and answering questions on the phone as well.
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Absolutely!!! All cats- like kids really- should see the vet at least once or twice a year and more as they age or have specific health problems.
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Sophia and Mario go every 6 months because of their age, the rest go annually, but somehow go more often because of something or other. The Vet has recently remodeled the office, I'm sure we paid for some of it
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Coco goes so often that I get asked when I go to get her food if Cocos seeing the Vet.
Meeko was there in Jan and the others go once a year.
Coco was at thr Er also in May.
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My cats go to the vet when I think they're not well. For the required vaccinations they get them at their yearly pet registration in my local government community center.
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At the least they go once a year. Since they are young not all of them are up to their annual check ups.
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All 3 of mine go twice a year.

I have 1 senior (Kuce - she goes twice a year as well as when she isn't well) and Luvbug just turned 8 years so he's going twice this year (He has already been going twice a year since we had him because of his asthma and anal gland issues).

LJ (our only adult cat now - so far) goes at least two-three times a year for her Anal Glands problems - she might have to have them removed -UGH).

My RB cat Sphinx went every two months for a host of health problems.
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Mine go annually for a checkup, they don't get vaccinated each year but I take them for a health check.
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Blossom's not 2 until next Mon. I will be taking her for annual check-ups. So far she's been more often. A couple of times as a baby for problems. Back after spay because she ripped out a stitch & after her 1st annual vac because she had a bad reaction to one of the ingredients.
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The time to get a rabies shot(annually) is also the time for Ku Ku to get a check-up. This way, I can keep the # of vet visit to a minimum

She really REALLY hates going to a vet, which is understandable but she'd need to be checked and get a required shot once a year...
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My three go once a year
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Since Sierra has special kidneys, she has labs every 4 months. Serenity has annual check ups and both go in as needed for any health issues that may arise.
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Kody goes once a year. Princess has to go every six months because she has peridontal disease.
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Slasher and Ripper recently had the final of the three new-kitty exams and vaccinations.

They're four months old.

I plan on taking them in for regular checkups. I haven't decided whether to do it annually or semi-annually.
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Our vet's office sends us postcards when we should bring Butzie in again. I actually think that it is yearly, but I don't need to keep track because they do. I would bring her in if she is unhealthy, but just at her last checkup she got a clean bill of health - glossy fur, ears fine, weight fine and her teeth don't need cleaning.

One of the vets in the practice is certified to do acupucture for cats and dogs.
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Both Linus and Pixie have annual check-ups once a year.
My senior citizen Sassy goes at least once every six months or more because he has kidney issues.

Pix also had an extra visit to the vet this past year for some dental work..

My vet mails out little cards when the cats are due for their check-ups which are address to the cats and not to's very cute..
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Mine are senior kitties, so get to go 6 monthly, the first time for bloods and booster, second just for a once over - I should have timed it so they get one in one visit, and one in the other!! Molly does look to have lost some weight since her last checkup but it was only last month, I think I have been overdoing the senior food with her, if no improvement in another couple of weeks on adult food, she shall be back, and she went shortly after her first checkup due to sickness - it was wonderful knowing that she had only had bloods done a few weeks previously, so there wasn't that worry of it being something major.
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Reasons for a yearly checkup (or semiannually for seniors). I took Much in for her 6 month checkup yesterday and she had her urine checked for kidney function. It turns out the poor thing had a UTI but wasn't showing any symptoms. Now we have to wait for the rest of the tests to see why she continues to lose weight (6 oz in 6 months).
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Annually unless I think there is something wrong, then they would go right away
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