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My babies!!

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This is the kitten that I found the other night he is SO tiny!!! Right now I am calling him Little Man because to me he looks like he is in a tux

This is my baby girl Flower playing on her new 6' kitty condo she has already torn it up pretty good I'm just happy she likes it!! My boy friend got Flower for me when we first moved in together.

Flower when she was still little I just love this pic because she is showing off her devil horns!! (thats what I call her little gray spots next to her ears)

Thats Belle she LOVES coat hangers! Always a good helper when I am doing laundry! Belle showed up in my back yard when she was about a year old and she weighed 2lbs, but I took her in she is a small kitty and her fur is super soft!! i think she is part rabbit!

Here is my baby girl cuddling up with are pup Comet!

and last but not least!

TigerLilly!! She is my purr baby and she has put on alot of weight!!

TigerLilly when I first found her! I watched her be droped out of a car on my way home from work one day and saved her!! Hard to tell its the same cat! She has gotten so big!!

So thats my family!
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Your furbabies are beautiful. I love little man he looks very handsome in his tux
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I see them! What a wonderful family! Bell is very cute with the horns
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I keep trying to get some new pic's of Flower but she is too into her new kitty condo to pose for me! I am missing are cuddle time =( before we got her the kitty condo she used to come cuddle with me and nap in my lap while I sit at the comp. She is making up for it by sleeping on me at night instead of on daddy (don't I feel lucky!) love her, but has any one else noticed that cats take up more space in bed then they actually need??
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My husband & I share a queen-sized bed ... and with the three cats also piled in, it is totally amazing to me how small a queen-sized bed becomes.
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your furbabies are prescious!!
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We have a full size bed haha and I sware Flower takes up half of it! I don't want to move her because she looks so cute and I know how I would feel if someone woke me up to move me in the middle of the night, but goodness! She is not that big of a cat why does she need so much space!!
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Your babies are precious! What a lucky little girl TigerLilly is that you saw her being dumped and picked her up
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I love all your babies, they are all adorable!
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