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I have NO idea how much longer, but the vet said within a week, MAYBE two. That was last Thursday. I hope I am doing everything right. Mia is such a tiny cat. Think 6 month old size. Her belly is HUGE in comparison to her little frame and it's getting bigger every day. It has become really hard too, her belly that is. Vet didn't know how many babies, but this is her second litter. The first had 3 kittens. Do they tend to have more the second time around? She is a rescue.

I have her put up in our bedroom, with a nest made in the bathroom linen closet. Her food, water and litter are in the bathroom as well. She seems very content to lay in there. I go in and visit often. She loves us, wants NOTHING to do with the other cats (she's a stray and doesn't know them) She tears off after little boy, spitting, batting and howling ensues. SHE is doing the harassing. I thought it best to pack her up in her own space so she could be at peace.

I am SO nervous!! What signs do I look for? I can totally see the babies moving in her belly. SO NEAT!! We keep telling her to "Just let go. Give them to us" But she is hanging on.