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I decided to take a shopping trip to Brighton today with my younger sister and my niece. The whole time we were out in town was faultless, then came the time to go back to the car...

We arrived at the car and packed things into the boot, and it was only when my sister went to open her door she noticed something...my passenger door lock had been broken!! And now there is a gaping hole where it should be!
Some had obviously tried (and failed) to get my car door open to retrieve my back speakers (the only valuables I left in the car).

I am grateful in one way that the only damage was the lock, and nothing else...my car was still in it's space, so I am thankful for that!

Also, my dad is changing my locks for me tomorrow, so that I will have the security back at least..will also ask for an alarm to be fitted too!
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At least your car was there and nothing was stolen, but it is always horrible to come back to something like that.
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That sucks. I'm sorry that there are people who have to steal to get what they want instead of buying it like the rest of us do.
I'm glad none of you were hurt and that your car was not stolen.
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Thats awful! Some people, grrrr. I hope the rest of your week goes better
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Awww, Sorry, that stinks
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For speakers? So pointless! I'd be furious too.

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