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Wow - New Vacuum! :)

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Our 2 vacuums have died (at least by my standards - they run, just don't do a great job on carpets). So DH and I decided we had to get a new one now. After comparing them, we wound up with a Bissel Powerforce (with washable filters).

What a difference! We have a lab and its obvious now that the other vacuums wree NOT getting much hair off the carpet. I had to empty the filters out 3 times to do our carpets and the basement carpet (5 rooms total). It was amazing (and a little sick) how much fur/dirt was not getting picked up!

And having the washable filters is great. I just rinse out and dry them and put the filters and containers back together for another round. First time around I did one room and the dog's room.............and it was solid packed with fur that had been sitting in the carpet. No wonder poor DH had dog hair just walking across the carpet in black dress pants.

We've decided to try and vacuum once a week or once every 2 weeks now - it should make a heck of a lot of difference. Also the vacuum has the HEPA filter in it which will really help.

If anyone is looking for a new vacuum, try the Bissel (it was about $70). We will probably get another one (one on each floor) so we don't have to carry it up and down the steps.
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RIP Vacuums

You oughta get a Henry Hoover

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Cute but we like the upright with all the attachments.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Cute but we like the upright with all the attachments.
So do we. I just recommended it cuz it's handy to move around
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We use one of the upright ones too...a bit heavier to push across carpet, but it does work wonders with dog and cat fur
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With our three dogs and two cats, we vaccum at least every other day. It makes a huge difference in the amount of hair you will remove - it doesn't get ground in.

We just got a new vaccum too. Last Spring, my husband bought a Windtunnel without the power assist on it - I hated it. It was too hard to push, but he liked the fact that the belts didn't break as often.
He gets award points from work and we use them toward prizes. We ordered a new vacuum and I like it. We gave the vaccum that I hate to my son for his apt an he likes it.
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