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Do you prefer cats or kittens?

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Everyone always wants kittens..but i think i really like big cats better. i'm always scared i'm going to hurt the kittens i remember when moe and neo were babies i could not wait for them to get big!
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Hmmm. Well, kittenhood is really a fun time, but you have to be on constant guard. They get into everything and then some!! (Still do sometimes).

In some ways I wish they were still little, but then they grew into such gorgeous kitties I can't really complain. We adopted all three of ours as kittens, but I feel kind of guilty sometimes knowing there are so many older cats that need good homes.
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P.S. Thank you again for the blinkie!!
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Well, kittens grow up into cats...

I loved having the experience of watching a litter of kittens growing from birth to now just about two years old, but I am just as glad that my other 5 cats were rescued as adults.

If I were going to adopt another cat (not likely, 11 is enough!) I would prefer a cat, knowing that they are harder to get adopted and need the second chance at life more than the cute kittens, who will almost definitely get adopted.
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Originally posted by lauralvscats
P.S. Thank you again for the blinkie!!
your welcome!! sorry it took so long! i'm finally all caught up now
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I all cats!! Big, small, fat, skinny, young and old! Kittens are very entertaining, sometimes too much! Adult cats are more laid back and get into less trouble!
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I definitely loved getting to see Spike from kittenhood (8 weeks) up until now (3 years). His kitten days were great... getting to see him find new rooms in the house... his ears that were too big for his body... getting to watch him grow up was wonderful. I have baby kitten teeth that I kept from when he lost them.

The nice thing about him being an adult cat now, is well, he's still terribly cute, , but he's also so well-behaved. As a baby, he got into things... chewed wires, got into very small spaces he shouldn't be in. He was a holy terror for two solid weeks while I didn't sleep a wink. Pair this up with someone who's a first-time cat owner, over-protective and full of separation-anxiety, and well, it's much more calm these days. Not that I've gotten over the over-protectiveness or separation-anxiety... we just know how to deal with it better now.
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I loved when Max was a kitten, but I agree with a lot of you that it was hard work. Everybody thinks "Oh kittens are so cute" and the don't realize that this is a baby. As a baby, you have to teach him to sleep through the night and don't chew on electrical cords, etc.

I really enjoy Max at three years old. He is well behaved, still loves to play and is still very, very cute.

Max's Mommy
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Now that both kittens and cats have shared in my my life , I could never make a "I like best" statement for either. Kittens are so cute, filled with mischief, and sometimes quite a handful. On the other paw, cats are so elegant, so winsome, so very enduring to my heart, and so ... so filled with catness. I love them equally.
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Hmmm . . . I love all cats. My first baby, as you all know, is a kitten. I want to be able to watch her grow up. I want my fiance to see the cute stage of kittenhood, since he's never had a cat. (Plus, I've figured out a way to get my fiance involved -- tell him this is a test. He has to prove himself with this kitty before he is getting kids. LOL)

That said, providing I don't get really into the show scene and want a show cat next, I was thinking my next baby would be a rescue, probably an adult. As Laura and Sue said, there are lots of adults that need homes, and they don't get adopted as easily as kittens.
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There is nothing better than kittens but realistically they can't always stay that way!!
I love the antics of kittens and how they amaze me but I also love to see them grow into confident and loving cats. So I guess my answer is both!
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I like them all!!
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I generally prefer adult animals.

With adults you get to spend more time with them and their developed personalities.

babies... while they are awefully cute to look at, I only get to spend a couple hours with them per day they ARE always sleeping. lol.
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The kittens were fun when they were little but now they're grown up and have a wider personality they are far more engaging and affectionate.

If they stayed kittens forever I think they'd lose their appeal so big cats get my vote
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I'm not picky. Kittens are cute but you don't toss them out, when they become cats.
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I understand what you mean.

I am more comfortable when they are old enough to be cats than kittens. I often worry about them when they were kiteens because they are soo curious and tried with many new things that they never saw it before.
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