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need help with moving cats asap

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Yesterday was my condo's yearly complain meeting and those in charge of making the rules live there for 3 months OR not at all. Of course the cats were brought up - "NO feeding cats" is now the law - which I broke this morning.

I wasnt there to speak up - my mother was - and made me aware of this btw. Also - as she told me the story - I ended up confessing that I was the lady feeding and neutering them - she had no idea - funniest expression ever - although she doesnt even like cats - she agrees Im doing a good thing

ANYWAY...I immediately wrote notes to the tenants in taht building that I am working on moving them and to freaking be patient (they complain while I do all the work alone!!) I also called the secretary of hte association and told her who i was and what im doing - shes going to talk to the rest of the board this weekend. Im scared theyre going to say get rid of them> At least i have an animal control officer on my side (dont know if they are all animal activist - but mine certainly is). I then wrote her a note and posted it to her door giving the reasons why TNR is the best option for everyone.

I need to know - if i do have to move these cats immediately - do I juts move there food and hope they all follow (im still trapping) or can i trap 2 at a time and move them to my building - 3 buildings down?????
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Since the condo people are aware of what you are doing, I think they should give you the time needed to trap the poor kitties. Good luck to you hun.
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The only problem with just trapping and moving them is that cats can have pretty large territories, and they may just head back to their building. I only know two ways of doing it - moving the food closer and closer to where you want them to spend most of their time, or having large crates (with food, water, and litter boxes) in which to keep each cat trapped for two weeks while they get used to the feeding routine, and will then (most likely) stick around and keep coming back for the food once you let them out of the crates. This second option works for a couple of cats - not a colony, so it's really not an option for you.

I'd work on moving the food towards where you want them, and hope that the condo people will give you the time you need.

But I've got a question - what can they do about it? You don't live in their building - is it the same association? Can they evict you? Because how would they get rid of the cats? By calling animal control? You're already DOING the advice of animal control!

If they come back with a "no feeding" answer, contest it. PM me and I'll work to get a presentation together for you on how quickly the population can grow if not sterilized, and you can get the animal control officer to also contact the condo.

that all goes well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks so much....

The 5 buildings are all within the same association. My parents own my condo - so Im not going anywhere. But I guess because it is private property if they decide to just get rid of the cats - than I dont know what else I can do - (other than have a fit), write letters and get the help of A. control as well as the organization i work with. (of course I will also PM you if thats ok)
Of course Im hoping for a pleasant "do what you want response". But Im trying not to think about what will happen if its the worst possible answer. I will at point want to MOVE for sure - out of pure disgust, anger and total sadness... but I cant think of that right now.

At least the bowls werent moved yesterday - i went back after hearing about the meeting to check - and they were there this morning. So hopefully the notes I put on the doors made a difference to the people living there and complaining.
Actually the only girl who complained said there are 35 cats - which is what i heard 5 weeks ago - she apparently knows this cause she counted... But I only see the same 7/8 cats and occasionally a couple of others. Its very weird - one day I saw a cat that was missing an eye and half an ear - have no clue where he came from - but havent seen him again. Why would these cats not come everyday if they know there is food????? Also today was weird because the 7/8 cats followed me (which is great!!) from one dish to the other (on the other side of the building) and didnt eat the food right away which they usually do. And for hte first time there was a tiny bit of food left from yesterday!! Whats going on??? Its like they know theyre not wanted.... and are depressed or something
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Also wanted to add - is it possible there really are 35 cats and I only see the ones that are there in the morning??? Would they come around in shifts??

I did trap a cat 2 weeks ago who i havent seen since but I caught her at night. AND I swear there were 4 black cats in the morning - 3 weeks ago - which means if so - than THAT cat I TNRed also hasnt been back... I was told this happens - but if every neutered cat doesnt come back... thats sad....
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