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Introducing Connor

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Just wanted to introduce my latest foster, Connor, another neighborhood stray. He's a sweet young fellow, a little shy and very handsome!

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love his colors! he looks pretty darn happy for a foster boy!
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He looks like such a sweetie!

Anyone else think he looks like Val Kilmer??
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What a beautiful kitty!!
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What a cutie!
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Oh my goodness what a handsome little guy. He will realize how lucky he is soon enough
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He is a cutie! If I were closer to you I'd be on my way over to snatch him up.
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He's so cute. He looks like my Casey.
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awwwww, what a super-cutie!!!he looks so plump and happy!! reminds me a lot of Apollo too
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He's a sweetie, to be sure!
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He's adorable Eileen! I swear, you have the best looking strays
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He's gorgeous Eileen!! Looks a lot like sharky's Zoey.
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He sure likes that catnip banana!!!
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Very handsome boy!
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Too cute! He has a sweet face!!
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Awww Eileen, he's so cute, Good Luck with him, and finding him a home
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Oh he is SUCH a love! I don't think you're going to have trouble finding him a home. He is gorgeous and looks like he's gonna turn into a total sweety pie when he overcomes that shyness.

Eileen - you're just amazing!

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He's handsome!! He'll find a loving home in no time
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Originally Posted by AddieBee View Post
He sure likes that catnip banana!!!
Speaking of that banana, I came in to Connor's room this morning to find he'd chewed through one end of it and had himself a little catnip party.
There was catnip and little pieces of banana stuffing all over the carpet.

Connor says thanks for all the compliments.
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Wow, he is such a beautiful boy!!
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Connor is very handsome! I hope he finds his forever home soon.
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Aww...what a handsome guy! I wouldn't think that you'll have much trouble finding a forever home for him!
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