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The biggest mistake (even though I would have done it all over again) was I had no idea what getting a border collie/Aussie mix would mean. He was a cute puppy that was marked down 3 times at a pet store. I felt sorry for him 7 years ago and bought him the next day. Who turned out to be one of the craziest dogs I have ever seen. No one told me he wouldn't be a good apartment dog. The damage alone ran me into the thousands.

Halo was the first puppy I ever had. I did not socialize him enough, I didn't leave him alone enough. For about two month from the day I brought him home I spent every single minute with him which led to his seperation anxiety. This was all corrected when he was about two. Still he is scare of some people.

I take him to work with me at the animal shelter this has greatly improved his social skills, with the exception he growls at the Animal Control Officers. But I say "Smart dog". lol.

Those were the two biggest mistakes I made with him. I love him and would do anything in the world for him if it would make him happy.

My dog does get fed once a day and that's in the morning. I don't eat breakfast so I don't know how the feed yourself 1st theory would work.
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Our current dog is a family pet and I was eight years old when we got her. Looking back on it, I'm actually really impressed with how my parents went about getting her (most of what they did is how I'd go about getting my own dog now that it's twelve years later)... They researched a lot. We went to a farm that had tons of breeds of dogs; my parents didn't want to buy from there because they had too many breeds. We went to another breeder; their puppies didn't look like Bichons so we left there, too. The breeder we ended up going to was really nice.

The only mistake wasn't really mine or my mom's even. I went to one of the obedience classes with my mom and watched. Candy (our dog) was being a bit of a brat (purposely, you could tell by her body language). The trainer came over and literally yanked on my dog's neck, her feet came off the ground and my dog started yelping. This was to get her to lie down. I started crying, too, and my mom told me when we got in the car that she didn't want to take Candy back to the class (who would?!).

That one incident has very much shaped my opinion of dog training (I'm very much a supporter of clicker training/operant conditioning/positive reinforcement). I don't believe in any "pack leader" crap, or that I need to be the "alpha". I'm not a dog. My dog's not a human, but I'm going to treat her with respect because I am human. Respect doesn't mean she gets the run of the house. It means she'll do what I ask her not because she fears me, but because she truly wants to please me.

I think the biggest mistake dog owners make, in general, is lack of knowledge -- about everything to do with their dog -- but the one that frustrates me the most is not having them fixed. This is terribly judgmental of me, but I look down on any dog owner that doesn't have their dog fixed when the dog is more than a year old. I have a firm belief that a dog should be altered unless it's being shown.
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When growing up we never altered the male dogs. But I know a lot more now, and would alter male or female dogs and cats. I did my share of cat breeding (show/pedigree) and don't have the time/money to do it again. I'll just show altered cats
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Originally Posted by Nekochan View Post
I think the biggest mistake people make with puppies is under socializing! Socialization is SO important!

People do not realize HOW MUCH socialization puppies actually need:

I wish that I would have done this more with my dachshund. As it is, people will pet her and she'll be growling at them the whole time. My boyfriends mom went to pet her once while I was holding her (apparently she's protective of me) and she snapped at her. I warn people not to pet her when she's in my arms now. She never growls at the vet's office though or has tried to bite any of the vets or vet techs. She even gets an attitude with me sometimes and the boyfriend. If she's laying on my lap and comftorable and I go to move her she gets an attitude. And I've never seen her do it, but my mom claims that she chases my 5 year old nephew around and tries to bite his heels. My sister hates my dog because of that. He's the first child that was ever in the family and my dog is 6 years old now so I really didn't have anyone to socialize her around, child-wise. This is because she was already around a year old when my nephew was adopted and probably too late to socialize her especially since he was a baby then. I usually get people to give her a treat when they're at my house to show her that they're not there to hurt her. That usually makes her a little more friendly. She remembers some of my friends sometimes and just loves them to death, but other people she just isn't sure of. I've noticed that she's a little more unfriendly to men though, not sure why.
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Our biggest mistake with lulu is not enough excercise.

That and getting a puppy in the first place... neither of us were prepared to raise a puppy... not enough hours in the day.

I knew this... roomie did not. (sigh).

She's well socialized and well-mannered, though, just gets a little hyper at times and forgets to be obedient.
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The biggest mistakes Fergus owners made (and I'm guessing since I never met them):

Letting him weight 62 lbs, he's now 48 lbs and all muscle from exercise and a good diet.

Putting him in a crate constantly.

Opening a day care and then being upset because the dog barked at the kids.

Doing whatever it was that made him mistrust women, thanks, I had to work twice as hard to win his trust.

The best thing they ever did was to recognize he wasn't working out for them and to put him up for adoption through a Springer rescue group. It's been a year and a half and he's becoming the dog he was meant to be.
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