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Pictures of My Kitty Family

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Hello, just wanted to share photos of my babies. I think you can tell by the photo that Harry was perturbed by having his picture taken! I guess I would feel the same way! LOL Maggie is just sweet all the time -- I call her my Maggie Sunshine!
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what pretty kitties!!!
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Aww so cute! Maggie has such big eyes!
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They are beautiful!!
So fluffy too
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What beautiful kitties!
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They are so beautiful!
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They're both adorable! What lovely kitties!
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Beautful !
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Wow they are stunning!! Can I have em? hee hehe
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They really are gorgeous
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Thanks for the compliments! Harry and Maggie make me happy and I'm happy to serve them! Both of my babies were rescued -- Harry was found up a tree was he was only a few weeks old, nobody knows where he came from or how he got up the tree. He may have been feral or just abandoned. But, how somebody could abandon a lil' fluffy blue-eyed doll is beyond me! Maggie is a flame point siamese rescued from the SPCA. Apparently, she had been there for months and although she was a "breed", she didn't get adopted because she would hide at the back of the cage with her back to visitors. They warned me that she was a very timid and scared cat and that she would probably hide for weeks when I brought her home. Boy were they wrong! She came right out of the carrier and acted like she owned the place! She is just a petite little girl, and she wasn't even scared of my big guy Harry! There was never even an adjustment period -- I guess she knew she was home
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It's so hard to tell the true personality of a cat when adopted from a shelter. Even if you take them out and spend time with them in that little room, it's not enough.
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They sure are beautiful kitties! Thanks for sharing!
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Great looking family!!
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Your cats are beautiful!
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Darling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such sweet little pu'pu'fs

Sam and Furry friends
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