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Cat IQ Test?

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I seem to remember ages ago there was a site floating around with a cat IQ test... I think I did it with my two and they both failed miserably Just a bit of fun, obviously.

Does anyone know anything about it/have a link?
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Here's one. I just tried it with Swanie, and he got a 65. I think Cindy will score higher, but she's upstairs and I'm downstairs, so I'll try later.
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Ehh, Popsie got an 64, not bad for an old man.
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strangely that test is flawed since it gave all mine above 80... two are and two are not that smart

Pj got a 84

Punky got 80

Sylvie and Zoey got 96 ...
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Mine got 88, but I only based it on Harley who I KNOW is the smartest (yes, he did learn how to turn on the water faucets!). Two of mine, I know, would have to be put in a special school if they were human. I also took the dog IQ and Snickers scored 90! Now, if only they could get a job and support mommy.
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Pearl got an 88, and Clyde got an 86! I knew they were brilliant! I'll have to let Mom test her four...
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Tomnus scored a 88 ^^. I know he was smart.
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Well now we have to give our cats credit. They may be really smart but lazy.
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tiger got 86
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Both Gracie and Casey got a 76. So, they're pretty darn bright!
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Manytoes got an 80! I was a little surprised
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