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Highly Affectionate Kitty...

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No, unfortunatly it's not my two. :p

We've been looking after our next door neighbours cat for the last couple of weeks whilst they're off on holiday (back on Thursday, boo. I want to keep her!) and it's amazing how different she is to my two - When my sister walked in the door last Monday after no-one having been at home for a few days (don't worry, they had more than enough food/water and free run of the house/back garden so I think they were more than happy) she said they didn't pay her any attention, when we got home on Friday they just did the whole 'Oh, you're back? Oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted ' thing that cats do.

But oh my word - You go into next door and she's all over you, rubbing and meowing, throwing herself on the floor and kneading, everything. She doesn't eat her food whilst you're there because she's so busy wanting fuss. She jumps on your legs if you sit down and kneads and purrs (which hurts 'cos her claws are SHARP!) and headbutts you if you don't fuss her enough Then she's on the floor, rolling around and meowing. She's a pretty little thing too - A dark pewtery colour on top with faint tabby like markings and a sandy belly/face with dark spots She's a rescue (I think that might be why she's so affectionate) and when they first got her a few years ago she wouldn't let anyone touch her, she doesn't like strangers touching her still but she's so different indoors. Outside you can't get near her, inside you can't get away from her! I know it's probably because she was abandoned as a young cat but she don't half make you feel special
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She sounds like an absolute doll. Mine usually aren't that affectionate but we left for a week and now they don't leave us alone. It really makes one feel special when a cat loves you.
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Awww. Enjoy! She sounds like a real sweetie.
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