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Kitty biting

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Pumpkin is almost 4 months old and for the last 2 wks he has been biting me at night. Other times he is so affectionate and loving. I have no other pets...he is my one and only Is this normal and will he grow out of this behavior? Is there something I can do besides saying "NO" everytime he bites me? He doesn't scratch me..only bites. Any advice would be appreciated..thanks.
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I think its a stage they go thru. Charlie used to do that more as a kitten. While its cute to play "catch the finger/toes under the cover" (which we all are guilty of at times), its not so fun with the cat is bigger and bites harder!

Is there any possibility of getting a 2nd kitty to keep him company and they can wrestle and play together so they leave your toes alone?
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Thanks again......I really can't get another kitty. Its not my toes hes biting..its my arms...he grabs onto them and kinda swings...I guess its just a phase he is gong thru. When I get him fixed..he will probably calm down.

At first it was cute...but now I have to ban him out of my bedroom at night......sometimes
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One of mine was a biter also, and he calmed down considerably when he was neutered. Good luck.
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Fiona is famous in my house for doing this. She was a cheek biter....face cheek

She did it alot when we first got her but I refused to give her any attention. It's cute the first time but then annoying. I would cover myself with the quilt and she eventually went away and the behavoir eventually stopped.

Well, sort of she has been known to still do this to my sister on occasion. But thats because she gets attention from her.
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