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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
One thing I can't understand about cities that are prone to hurricanes....why aren't the buildings stronger? I lived in Guam for 4 years and went through 2 typhoons (one, catagory 4) and the majority of the buildings were fine except for water damage. The buildings are mainly concrete block on rebars. We had typhoon shutters. I lived at sea level (50 yards from the ocean), and the storm surge did come into the house. We spent hours trying to keep the water out, until we finally just gave up and cracked open a beer...but the house stood.
This was my wife's experience in Okinawa, too. No damage to the house, just a couple of inches of water in it.
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Originally Posted by MyRage View Post
You are right, we all end up footing the bill in the end.
This is the basic principle of insurance, after all. Everyone pays a little, so no one has to pay more than they can afford.
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The levees should be rebuilt, and so should the city. People are still living in Fema trailers. Most of the urban poor who were hardest hit were renters, and they haven't seen a dime of the relief money
http://www.alternet.org/rights/96852...e_years_later/ and the apartments are not being rebuilt at all. Basically, we pretty much failed at disaster relief, but at least we learned how to evacuate a city right.

My great grandparents rebuilt their farm 4 times, after 4 tornadoes. Was that stupid? The farm is still there now, and my family still lives in it. It will probably be destroyed by another tornado soon, and they'll just build it again. Sense of place, of history, is very important. And New Orleans was a city unlike any other; people might be able to rebuild A life, but it won't be the same, it will be a subpar replacement.

The problem in New Orleans wasn't the hurricane anyway-- it was the flood. With levees built properly and maintained properly, the city will do just as well as California does with earthquakes and Florida with hurricanes. I just don't want it to become Xenia, Ohio. A tornado hit them in the 1970s and they still haven't recovered.

ps... Hanna is a couple hours away from me right now, and I've never been in a tropical storm lol.
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