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Abyssinian Males

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Good Evening

Iam just about to firm up a decision on an Abby male who is 13 weeks.

IS anyone aware of males urinating on things in the house. He was altered by the breeder. (Fixed) Whatever the politically correct phrase is.

I was sure on a male until one of the neighborhood hens said, " Oh those ABY males boy... they urinate all over the place." I was like screeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaccccchhhhhhhh, what?

I know there are informed people here. Please tell me this is not true!!!!

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Unneutered males will spray to mark territory. If he was fixed at such a young age, he will never get the hormonal instinct to spray. I have never heard of Abys being more prone to indiscriminate peeing than other breeds. Good luck with your new little guy! What's his name going to be? And post pictures of him when you can!
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Thank you Sue,

12:30 Pm and posting on the Cat Forum.....

Thank you again. As far as name I am trying to come up with a very unique and fititng name. Maybe after some time with him it will be more clear.

I'll post some pictures after I pick him up this weekend.
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Abys are wonderful cats. I would love to have one, but I already have 11, which is enough, thank you very much!

I have heard them described as being like an intelligent, inquisitive child. They love heights, so a cat tree would be something to consider for him. Also, the more energy he can get rid of running up and down a cat tree means less energy spent running across your sleeping body in the middle of the night!

Is this your first cat, or have you had cats/kittens before?
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I have two boys and they only go potty in there litter boys. Personally i i like male kitties better they just seem more cuddly!
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Sounds like your neighborhood hens should learn to keep their mouths shut. I have had six male cats, all neutered at the appropriate age, and have NEVER had a problem withe inappropriate elimination or spraying. Abyssinians I have been told are as active as Siamese, so your new guy should be a lot of fun. I think males are really sweet!
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I don't know about that particular breed, but I have a male cat who was fixed at 3 months. He has never gone outside his litter box ever.
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I have an abyssinian male. He is the best and sweetest cat I could ever ask for. As for spraying and pottying outside the litterbox, no he has never done anything like that and we had him fixed at the age of 6 months. He tends to go through the motions of spraying when he is happy, but he has never actually never sprayed anything. They are very intelligent, active and loving cats. They need alot of stimulation and playtime. Rocket(aptly named cause he hardly sleeps, and is like the energizer bunny, keeps going and going wanting to play all the time)likes to play fetch at three am, loves to chase anything on a string, likes to play with our other three cats, but also has a side that demands petting and cuddling. He tends to drool when he is sitting on my chest at night and I am petting him, when the alarm goes off in the am, he is right there waiting for someone to pet him, and if someone doesn't pet him fast enough, he will let you know with a sort of a purrrour sound. He is very vocal. you'll be very happy with your cat I know I'm very happy with Rocket. He's my little headboink lover. goodluck you made a great choice.
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