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Peeing Problem

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I am new to this site and have been reading other threads regarding urinating out of the box. I will definitely try a lot of the suggestions. I have two cats who are 4 years old. They were littermates and have no problems with each other. One has started peeing outside the litterbox. Both have been cleared medically (before I caught the culprit). Prior to two months ago they had never urinated outside the box. I am starting to think it is related to Oscar (the culprit) wanting to go outside. They are indoor cats (neutered and declawed in front), but escape occasionally--they are very quick. He typically pees in the kitchen near the patio door or near the front door. Almost always on something (plastic bag, paper, his cat toys, rugs w/o plastic backing)

Here are some questions that came up that I couldn't find answers for:
1. There are a couple of strays that I have seen, but I don't know if they regularly visit. Is there anyway to determine if strays are marking around the house? Or anyway to deter strays from your yard?
2. Also, they never had problems with the litter before, is it really likely he has developed an aversion to his regular litter box, litter or its placement?

Any thoughts will be helpful. I am highly attached to my kitties and won't give them up, but my husband's patience is running thin.
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I had the same problem with 2 of my males. Every time they saw a stray, they'd dash in and out of the house (they have a protected garden space they go out out and run around in, but never exit that), then pee all over the place.

It's natural for a cat to mark his territory when he's frustrated because he can't chase the stray.

The only thing that helped mine was Prozac. I still give it to them (you can get it in a liquid, compounded at a pharmacy, and I just mix it in their canned food). They completely stopped within a week.

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That sounds very much like my Molasses, he's the top cat of my bunch and he doesn't mind the cats inside the house he gets upset with the ones outside. The only thing that would stop him is to stop access to the windows. I put window film on some of the windows, it looks like etched glass, so it looks nice, the sun can still come through but Mo can't see out. I also use Feliway diffusers. Theres also some oranges sprays you can get to spray on the outside of the house that they don't like the smell. I've never used it but I heard it works, probably any place like PetSmart, Petco, would have them. Good luck.
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Thanks for the support. All your thoughts are helpful.
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