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Moonandstarkatz Pictures

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a moment and share a few pictures of some of my cats and kittens that were taken this month.
This is Moonandstarkatz Enya. the lighting isn't great but she is a very sweet girl and I just loved the picture.

This is Moonandstarkatz Rocky Mtn Gold aka Tank, a future show boy.

E Litter at 3 days

Moonandstarkatz Enya

Moonandstarkatz D Vladimir Armandovich, now in his pet home, one of our solid blacks (I breed mostly brown tabby, red tabby and black w. or w/o white)

Finally Moonandstarkatz Armand, the father of all the kittens pictured and my first home bred stud now retired.
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Very cute
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Aww cute - love that face expression on Tank
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Thanks everyone for the comments.
I love Tank and am currently deciding for showing between him and the red boy upcoming. I already have 2 boys so three is the max lol.
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Can you get a pic of the red by how he looks now - then I can compare him to the brown. I'd put both in a few shows together to help you decide
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I like Enya!
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Aw, they are all beautiful! Siberians?
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Here is Moonandstarkatz Full o Sunshine (red boy) and Moonandstarkatz Rocky Mtn Gold for comparison.
They are all Siberians in the photos- Enya is from my Sunbeam Bella Bleu Chingi black and Moonandstarkatz Armand. Tank is from Cica F Zhandarmovna Black (the moms are related by one relative 4 generations back, Richard Black).

Both girls come from the original lines of Black cattery in Moscow that is a famous but rare Siberian line. Bella is from the Dimka Laskovy Zver line (breeder of LZ sadly passed last year) and Rajjah is from yolanta Blacks line.

Vladimir is brother to Tank.

Here is Sunshine and Tank (when he was 8 weeks)

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Love the rich red color on Sun. I still say show both of them in a few shows at 4-6 months and decide by then who you want to keep.
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That red boy is very cute!
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Please, no more red cats! Drool....
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Doesn't "cinnamon" count as red???? as in cinnamon Ocicat?????
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If its red, black tabby or solid black, I can provide TONS of pics lol, if Siberians are your taste. lol
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