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Any1 ever try it? Do your cats like it? Dry Food
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that is a link to a search on site for felidea
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I fed Felidae....or tried to once. Not 1 of my 15+ cats would eat it.
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Mine wouldn't touch the dry, never tried the wet
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My best friend buys Felidae for his cat and she seems to like it. She is a bit finicky though and sometimes rejects it.
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I've been wanting to try it for Matilda since they changed the formula to make it more nutritious. Their website also says that it's more appetizing than before which is a good thing. I have a sample so I'll let you know if she likes it!
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my cat loved the free sample!
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My cats would not eat the Felidae dry, one cat will eat the canned.
I did feed my dogs Canidae but quit when they changed the formula. I quit after talking to the lady where I bought it, she is very into knowing about the products she carries and what she said about the formula changes going on with Felidae and Canidae tells me that contrary to the web site claiming it is more nutricious it was changed for several other reasons, none being better nutrition. Lamb has become more expensive and harder to get, they changed to a different company for processing, one that had a lot of problems during the food recall, they added another carb to balance the loss of meat protien. The changes seem to be driven by cost more than anything, of course they are going to claim it is better. My dogs are show dogs and many of the breeders fed Canidae, there are a lot of people upset about the change with many finding another food, me included. Unfortunately many companies are doing the same. I would like to change to raw but will have to wait until my pup is through with his showing, the handler won't deal with raw on the road, it is too unstable if not handled proerly.
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Marley wouldn't eat it. I switched to Californial Natural and he loves it
And CN is only .50 cents more for a 5lb bag
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I wasn't aware Canidae had changed their formula, though I do know they changed their bag sizes (and am irritated by that because I need 20# bags). Do you know when that happened? I'll have to go look at the label.

I've tried to feed my cats Felidae, but they'll only eat it if they're VERY hungry and I don't give them the option of eating anything else (which I won't do because of their advanced age - they need to eat frequently). When they were younger they'd eat anything canned eagerly, but they're finicky now.
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They changed the dog food about 2 months ago, I haven't checked cat food, I just know they were changing it. At least Canidae/Felidae tell you about a change, most don't. It will probably tell you on their website. I feed California Natural dry and the fish canned. They changed the dry last year, they added white rice and something else, I only found out about it through my supplier, my cats didn't do well on it at first. They changed the fish canned a couple of months ago, not a big change, just rearranged the order of the types of fish and added something else. It was enough to change the texture and smell so mine won't touch the new stuff, they also got the runs when I got them to eat a little. They did not warn people of the change, my cats have Tritrichomonas so even the slightest change can trigger diarrhea.
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I gave Matilda the sample over the weekend and she enjoyed it. She's never been a finicky eater and it was no different with the felidae. I'm definitely a fan especially after getting more nutrition details from their website. I did hear that Canidae changed their formula too and after reading the info on the website it sounds healthier to me - they added more meat and reduced the carbs. It's sad that some dogs have had problems but it sounds like some of that might be from not switching to the new formula gradually. That's very important if your pet has a sensitive stomach.
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