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My best friend disappeared . . .

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Hey y'all. Please pray for my best friend. She's been acting weird the past week, and yesterday (Monday) morning, she just disappeared. Her parents, boyfriend, other friends haven't heard from her. No one has heard or seen her since yesterday.

One of her ex-boyfriends was taking her to school yesterday, since her car broke down. She hasn't been seen or heard from since. We don't think she was kidnapped, since she talked to this guy's mother yesterday and told her she was with him. His mom then called my friend's parents, to tell them my friend was with her son. That's all we know.

I hope she's OK . . . her parents haven't called the police, but I think they should. I suggested it to her step-mom, but she told me about how the guy's mom called them. Her parents are livid, but not worried. *sigh* I don't know what to think.
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OMG how scary!! I hope everything is okay!
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Yes, this is really scary! I hope she will return home.
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Sounds like a bad situation. Any updates?
Hope everything works out for the best.

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I hope your friend is ok and someone hears from her soon. I think it sounds scary too.

Thoughts and prayers are on the way for your friend's safety!
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Wow, I hope she turns up, and that she's safe. I agree with you that her parents should call the police unless they definitly know she's safe. Please let us know as soon as you hear more.
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I hope she returns home safely!

Prayers for the safe return of your friend
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That is scary! I hope everything turns out OK.
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Thanks guys. I'll keep you posted. I really hope she's OK. The more I think on this, the more worried I get. Her ex-bf was nutty, he stalked her when she broke up with him . . .

Plus, I was having very vivid dreams a couple weeks ago about someone close to me being lost or taken or hurt, and needing help. It freaked me out, cuz it happened several nights in a row, but then nothing bad happened and the dreams went away so I stopped worrying so much. And now this happened . . . makes me wonder if it's more than coincidence . . .
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I would be terrified if I was having dreams like that and all of the sudden it came true. I hope she comes home soon!
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I'm sending good thoughts for her to get home safely, and soon.
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They had to activate the Amber Alert (means possible abduction) for a teenage girl in Minnesota last week, but fortunately, the girl called her parents after it was activated. Maybe they need to do this for your friend. If her ex-boyfriend was nutty and stalked her, it could be very serious, and you are right to be concerned. Maybe you could talk to one of your teachers or your parents about this. Still sending thoughts and prayers for her safety.
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Hope they find her and she makes it home safely.
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oh my!! Maybe she just needed some time to think about things...how old is she??
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She is my age; almost 19. We've known eachother since we were 3, and are separated by only a couple months. I think she would have called me or her boyfriend or one of her other friends, though . . . it's not like her to not contact ANY of us.

She has gone off once before, when her parents were having problems, and she didn't want to be around it. (That's a simplified version of the story.) But all of her friends knew and could still get in touch with her. I'm not worried because she's not calling her parents. I'm worried because she's not calling me or her bf.
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Viva - I am praying that she is safe and I hope she calls or shows up soon!
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That is really scary. I hope she comes home soon!
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I've called her cell phone twice this morning, and left one message. Still, no one has heard from her. I'm getting really worried . . .
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Do you have any updates for us?
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call the police? Or at least give them a heads up? Have you talked to her parents? I would also talk to his parents and let them know she still hasn't spoken to anyone in the family.
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Even if it a false alarm, it is best to be sure!
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You should take action! Something could be really wrong.
If her parents won't do something then you should, I think.
Please keep us posted.
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OK, I have news. Finally. She left a message on Andrew's answering machine. (He's her bf, and Alex's twin. Interesting, huh?) He wasn't home when she called, but she said she was OK, she hadn't had access to a phone, sorry she hasn't called, and "everything is just crazy." Didn't say where she is, what happened, when she's calling back, how to get ahold of her, why she left, anything!! So NOT helpful.

But, at least we know she's OK. Now we just have to see what the heck is going on. Andrew's mad, now that he's not scared, that she went off with her ex-bf. So . . . this may go from "my friend is missing" to "the break-up of the century." I talked to Andrew and he said he'll listen to what she says, but if she doesn't have a good reason to just do this and leave him hanging, he's breaking up with her. So . . . I'll keep you guys posted. That's it for now.

At least I don't have to call the police. *Sheesh.*
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And you too will have a talk with her to explain that this is no way to treat a friend. I don't think that there is much that would excuse a friend for treating me that way. She has obviously not thought about what this has meant to you, and at my age, I would not put up with that.
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Oh, yes, I'm going to have a talk with her. She and I were supposed to get together last week, too, and she just never called me back.

And she's supposed to be my MOH next summer? I'm sitting here like, uh-uh, if you can't depend on you, I don't want you in my wedding!! I mean, I'm not going to tell her I don't want her anymore, yet . . . but it IS worrying that if she's so unreliable about a PHONE CALL, what is she going to do with my wedding?
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OMG!! I just read this!!! I would have been scared for her too!! I hope she realizes how worried she made you and everyone else. I hope she will tell you what on earth is going on with her!!!
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Her parents cancelled her cell phone today. I guess that last time, that's how they got her to come home. I wish they hadn't though, that was my only hope of getting ahold of her. I know she's safe and all, but I still would like to talk to her and find out WHAT ON EARTH happened. *sigh* I'll keep you posted. That's all that happened today.
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Gosh, I'm gone for a day or so and look what happens! I'm so sorry you had to go through all this... I'm sure there's a good explaination. There has to be. I guess you'll just have to wait and see....

...at least she's OK!!!

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I hate to be a doom monger, but a message on an answering machine does not necessarily mean she is ok. If she left no way to reach her so you could find out for yourself that she is ok, I would still call the police or at least discuss the possibility with her parents. People can be forced to make phone calls. I hope she is ok, but I wouldn't take it for granted behind a phone message.
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Well, at least you heard from her. I think there must be something wrong with her parents that they aren't taking action or being more concerned for her wellbeing. I wonder if she has had a tough time at home, and this may have prompted the whole "running away". You should have a long talk with her about how much this affected you and your relationship.
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