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Roxy's Lip

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Hi, I hope someone can help....my cat Roxy just turned 1 on Aug. 17. For the past 4 months maybe i have noticed what looks like a red bump on her botom lip. i thought at first it was a bug bite but it comes and goes. When it is there it seems to take at least 2 weeks or so to go away and then it comes back a few days later, sometimes in a different place on the lip. My mother has her sister and noticed that she now seems to have the same thing if not something very similar to it....we live in different places so i dont think it is something passed from one to the other. i have another cat (Leo) and he soesnt have anything like this. Does anyone know what it could be and if she needs to see a vet?
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One of my girls use to get that its called feline acne. Her's was due to plastic dishes (it holds bacteria in the plastic) that she ate and drank from, she would get a big lump on her bottom lip. I changed her bowls to ceramic or aluminum, when she did have it I soaked a cottonball with hydrogen peroxide, when she would let me. She hasn't gotten it since.

It could also be due to a bug bite. Good luck.
Good luck
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