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Kitten Food ?

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Pumpkin is almost 4 months old and I find wet kitten food is very limited in stores. Can I start mixing adult wet food into his kittie food? Im thinking he isnt getting enough calories. I do leave out dry food out through the day.
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I start switching my kittens over to adult food by 4-5 months old, depending on the build of the cat. My rex kittens (who only get 5-7 lbs when grown, were on adult foods by 4 months old. Charlie (he's a solid 12 lbs now - full grown) was on adult foods by 5 months old.

If your kitten is in good health, I see no reason that you can't start him on adult canned foods. Is the dry food kitten food and what kind?
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The dry kitten food is Nutro kitten for indoor cats...he will eat that as a last resort. Maybe I should give him a different brand...any recs? Thanks
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Maybe Royal Canin or Natural Balance or Wellness? But if you are switching dry, you have to do it gradually.
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Thanks goldykitty
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I wouldn't try to switch to dry-- just keep it out if he wants it but still mostly feed wet.

My kitten is 5 months and eats mostly adult wet food-- the options for kitten wet food is limited and I've only found them in the 3 oz size-- that would cost me over $3/day to feed him Wellness in the small can size.
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