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help please anyone

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hi most of you know i have 2 new cats well one of them was suppose to have had her kittens 8 weeks ago, but there something confusing me because ive only had her for a few days she wont let no cat or kittens near her. her belly is still big and bulgy plus what me and my partner thinks that she hasnt had her kittens her old owners told us a lie and that she might be pregnant plus she keeps disappearing in the house somewhere

can anyone help before i take her vets and instead of wasting money what could be a false alarm dont get me wrong if i think theres a problem i will take her
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here is a side pic of her

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It's possible for a cat to get pregnant just a few days after giving birth. It's not impossible (you'll have to judge for youself how likely) that she is pregnant and ready to give birth again!
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ok thanks i will take her vets just to be sure if she is or not if she is there will be kittens for sale i keep you all posted
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