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How many people have your cell phone number?

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I personally hate cell phones. If I'm out of the house, that means I don't want to talk to anyone unless it is an emergency. Very few people have my cell number...DH, MIL, and maybe my SIL if she saved it. Even my best friend doesn't have it.

I know some people that have gotten rid of land lines and rely only on their cell.

I will admit, I'm old enough to remember "car phones" (where the phones had to be plugged into the cigerette lighter), so I'm not quite of "this" generation where they don't know anything else.

So, how do you feel about cell phones?
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my phone is like a third arm but...when i dont have it with me i really dont miss it, and i love it when im in a no signal area
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My parents, my sister and a couple of Neil's brothers and sisters have the number.
I print it on my invoices to my customers but only one for sure has called me on it.
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Thats where everyone contacts me through my cell phone, but that doesnt mean I always answer
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Probably 200 people or so, people at work, the shelter, friends, family
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My cell phone is MY phone. We have a home phone, but it's the same as the business #. I hate having people call the home phone, as mom/lil sis/me all sound alike. Lil sis & mom often do not tell people when they call they aren't talking to me, but them. I have one person who calls home & asks for the "real Natalie".
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We share our cell numbers with family and a few close friends, and the occasional other person who will be contacting us for a particular purpose and needs to reach us whether we are near a land line or not. That's a pretty unusual situation, but has been known to happen. Basically they are for our convenience or emergencies, and we don't want a bazillion calls.
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I think only my mom has my cell phone number, I just keep it for emergencies or to call and see if she needs anything while Im at the grocery store, etc.
I probably havent used 30 minutes on it in the last three months.
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Too many! I used to be real loose about who I gave my cell phone number and it got to be so annoying that half the time I wouldn't pick up. Now I've got more picky about about who I give my number out to.
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hehe, i couldn't live without my mobile phone! i can't give an exact number, to how many people have it LOL!
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Too many people have my cell phone #!! I don't answer it if I don't know who is calling me. Everyone I give my cell number too is also in my phone! I don't have a land line, but it was one or the other and the cell phone is nice in an emergincy. My parents live in CA and I live in WA sense we both have Verizon I can talk to them via cell phone for as long as I would like and it wont cost me any min. My main addiction to my phone is txt'ing! I love to txt!!
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Tons of people have my number. Family, friends, and anyone who has my business card (for animal rescue).
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A bunch. But only a few people ever call it.
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no more than 10 people have my number and when I go on a plan it'll be more
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I have around 10-15 people. None of them hardly ever call me though, so I return the favor
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Just my family and a couple of friends.. I really do not like talking on the phone. I just got a cheap pre-paid phone in case of emergency, or if I need to call home and ask about something real quick. Most of my phone calls are less than 2 minutes long. The only thing I use it regularly for is to send a daily text to a friend that usually needs a little something to cheer her up in the middle of the day.
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I can't stand talking on the phone! I'm not sure how many people have my number, but their numbers are all programmed into my phone. I don't answer it if I don't recognize the number. Luckily, DBF and my dad are the only people who call regularly. I'm lucky if I use 150 minutes a month - it sure keeps the bill down since I'm on a pay as you go plan.
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I think maybe 3 people have it. My wife of course, my friend who runs the sanctuary and one other friend, thats it. For the most part, the phone is off when I have it with me, unless I need to make a call or I am at the sanctuary taking care of the animals. I hate being bothered with the phone when I am not home and even when the home phone rings, I hardly ever answer it.
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I have a pre-paid cell phone. It costs me $15 every three months, unless I use it excessively, which I usually don't. Not too many people have the number, maybe 4 total. Usually if it rinigs, it's a wrong number.
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Originally Posted by lauracatlover View Post
I have around 10-15 people. None of them hardly ever call me though, so I return the favor
same feelings here!......
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most of my friends and family, but my cell is really only used for "if I'm out and need to make a call" or emergencies, I'm on a plan right now, a very small one, only 75 minutes per month, but I'm seriously thinking of switching to pre-paid, when I'm not at work I'm usually at home or with my family so it really doesn't get used that much
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