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Happy Easter!

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Well, I´m off to a summerhouse for a week!!!
There is beautyful scenery (it´s not our summerhouse though, it´s a "rental"), jacuzi on the veranda...

My sister will come in every day for the cats, and the girl upstairs is studying for her exams (at the university) and she will also "visit" them, let them out and in again, and maybe watch some tv or read the paper for a while.

I was going to leave the window open, but today a male cat came in and sprayed ALL OVER my living room!
I have been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and the smell wont go, and I alway find more sprayed on furniture
I know who this cat is, he often comes for a visit, but I quess I´m alway there, because he runs out when he sees me. He lives just a few houses away, so my cats will not have tha window open

I´m gonna miss you all! I have really become addicted to the site!

I hope you will all have a wonderful Easter time, and enjoying spring days off work!
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My b-day is on Easter this year!!! Woohoo!

Happy Easter to you, too, Sesselja!
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Happy birthday Viva!

And oh, I almost forgot! Carrie, I hope you will have a wonderful wedding day!!! Congratulations!
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Have fun! Will talk when you get back!
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Have a great time vacationing!!

!!!! Viva (I'll put more fanfare on Sunday)
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Have fun!

Happy Birthday Viva!
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Hope you have a wonderful week! It sounds like a lovely place!
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Happy Easter, all!

I'm hoping for a sale on hams, when the grocery ads come out, today. I haven't seen them on sale, since Christmas.
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In my town we have a store called Quality Markets And they have this thing called a shoppers club card you use when ever you buy,and 3 times a year they give away a free ham when you spend $500.00.I always let my kids use mine then they get there grocerys.so I build up a lot of points,so this time I got 2 free hams!I am goimg to cook one and give the boys each of the other one.The other two time is at christmas & thanksgiving.
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