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Kitty nick names

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I'll only tell you a couple of the silly ones since we have so many kittys and my posts tonight have already been novels.

Prudence: She
Wieland:What Will you do?
Lokiso many)Smoke, Lok-a-doke,Smoke-a-poke(and so on), Poppie kitten
Sara:JuJu bean-sisa wean, teenybeanyweanybabygirl, B&*^%
Cornflake:Kornymuffin, kornyhead, muffinhead,(and so on like that)
Maple:Who's that baby?, mappa kitten, Maplesirple
Licorse:Lickty-lick, piss-ant

Okay so I put more than a couple BUT I could go on for days. What are some of yours????????????
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Buddy has become "Bud-bud".

Opie is "Opieman" or "Opes".

Rowdy is usually referred to as "Rowdy Dammit!"

The dogs' nicknames are unprintable, usually ending with "-head".
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LOL! Those are good!

Binky is Rink-a-bink-a-doo

Hooda is Hoots, Scooter or Who
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Well, my little white Kitty, named Missy--gets called Prissy.
And my little guy Spike was just neutered, so he keeps getting up on Missy's Princess Bed (One of those ones that attach to a windowsill). So, DH says: "Well, Spike is allowed to get up on the princess bed, as he has been neutered, so he "is the artist formerly known as Prince"!!!"

Spike is also known as Spikadoo, stinkpot, etc....
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I call Pollyann Poohsla (as in Winnie the Pooh) and the sla is just a cute icelandic ending, like mýsla for a cute mouse (mús), my mum used to call me SÃ:censor:sla (I used to be called SÃ:censor:sÃ:censor:, my family still does)

I also call Pollyanna Poohslurofa, so they are Feykirofa and Poohslurofa.

Feykirofa is often called Feykja, then they are Feykja and Poohsla.

Feykja is a noun, Im just to tired right now to think what is means in english, but it suits her character.

After she couhgt tail on fire, we sometimes call her Kveikirofa = Light-up-tail.
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I call everyone pumpkin
Morphues: MoeMoe, Mr Moe, Mr bitey bite, saber tooth tiger! Sir purrington
Neo: Neo Geo, jub jub, mr cuddle bunny, bunny, mountain lion, Mr cuddlesworth
Snowwhite: Princess, snow, queen, momma, mommy
Aston: ash
tiger lilly: Lilly
Sherbert: i don't think we have any for him
Nimbus: Nimby
Stormy: the kitten with a black dot on his headdddd
Blizard: my little runt

i think that is everyone LOL
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Chey Chey -Cheyanne
fat cat,rummble belly- Cloud dancer
nickie- nickajack
and the mommy I can;t print!!
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Thomas: Thomas-the-Tom-Cat, Thomas-O'Malley...O'Malley-the-Alley-Cat (from Aristocats)

Pug: Pug-a-bug, Pug-buddy

Arutha: Rutha-baby, Baby-Rutha (as in candy bar), love-button (or my love-a-button), Arutha-meow-meow

They all get called "little monkey" regularly, along with lots of "sweetheart"'s and "baby"'s .
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Midnight: The Man, My guy
Coal: Coalio, Lord Greylump, the Lumpus
Sunshine: Creamsicle
Lilith: Lil, Lily, Diamond Lil, Big Eyes, Queen Lil
Julius: Jules, Silly Boy, juuuuules, Orangecat
Blondie: Blonde, Little Blonde boy, little sh** (when he's being naughty) , Brad Kitt
Polly: Paulie, Pol, Mr Paws, Mr Mittens, Squeaker
Pan: Pan-Pan-Pan, Panda, Pandemonium, Pangaea, Little Pan, Little wild cat, Widdleface (cause she has the cutest widdle face)
Silver: Silvergirl, My little bookworm
Max: Meeeax, Max-max-max, Heymax, Miercoles (saw it Meowcoles), Max von Max, Little Angel, Faery Cat, Maximus, Maxwell
Romeo: Romeow, Flatcat, Mr Pooftail
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Peppurr - Boo, Booda, Pep, Purr-Purr, Tubby Guy, Elvis.

Vader - Super Sweetness, The Sweetest Thing, Vade, Zadey, Bad Cat!

Mimi - Meems, Mimi Goku (Her actual name is Goku, from DragonBall Z), The Brat.

Twinkles - Tweaker, Legs.

Rascal - Rask, Scal-Scal.

Majesty - Majy, Maj, Pretty Girl.

Hercules - Stinky, Frank, Herky, Herk.

Felix - Fee.

Mischief - Missy, Misty.

Xena - Little B#$%h! Crepe.

Choas - K-K, Teddy, Little Man.

Isis - Sweety, Ice.

Athena - Little Baby, Precious Angel

Zues- The Zuesinator, Zu-Zu.
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TeeHee-- poster: CrazyCatLover, My cat Missy--well, her REAL name IS: Miss Mischief!!! (I shortened it to Missy!! )
--And she IS so mischievious too!!
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Haha! My Mischief is such a little brat! She gets into everything!
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I'm never going to be able to remember them all, but... Spike is called Spikerooni, Spikester, Little Guy, Furry, Tough Guy, Boldie, Baby, Spike-Potato, Spike-Spike and Mommy's Boy. I know there are more, they're just not coming to me.
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ha ha you guys are so funny and clever!

Tigger=tig-tig, sweetie...
Roo=roo-babies, meow meow...

not very ingenious am I?

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My cat's real name is Maximillian, but his nicknames are:

Max (of course)
Boo Boo Kitty
Love Bug

Maximillian was the name of a Mexican leader and many Roman Emperors. I think it's very fitting, because Max is the definately the king of my household.

Max's Mommy
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Hmmm, let's see . . .

Chevy = chevwev * chevster * fatso

Jimmy = Jimbo * jimby * dimbo jimbo * jimster
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Some of Ivo's nicknames:

Shugie bear
Big bear
Baby bear
Nooglie kitty
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I think the nick name I use the most for my girls is: The Pooh's.

How are my pooh's, ar ethe pooh's good, are my pooh's hungry...that sort of thing .
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I call Charlie most of the time Fat Boy or Old Man.
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Socks: Sockie, Sockie Baby, Kee (long story. when we first got her, I would call her 'Kitty' before she had a name. Somehow we stopped putting the "tt" in there and it became kiy ("Kee".) Muffin, Boo, Miss Priss.

The outside/strays/ferals:

Paisley: Pais, Mr. Pais, Brat

Chloe: Clos, Clobie (a cross between "Chloe" and "Baby".

Patch: Patty

(srry for any typos, socks wont let me type, lol.)
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Ophelia is Baby Girl, Baby Doll, Baby Sweet (see a pattern here? LOL), Pretty Girl and Precious (but don't call her Princess, she gets MAD )

Trent is Bubba, Boo, Boo Bear, Snuggle Bear, Baby Boy, and Little Guy (from Marge Simpson calling Bart her "special little guy").
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Daisy - my pi pi (baby in Chinese) (gotta go with real affectionate tones, or it won't work )

Venus - my Veeeeeeeeeeeeeee (real emphasis on eeeeeeeee or it won't work, )

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Phantom-The Phantom Menace, or Phantom of the Opera
Quincy-Quite the Quince, Quincy Boo, sometimes just Boo
Bosco-Bosco Boodles (goofy, don't know where that came from), The Fluffinator, Fluff and Stuff

Sometimes I call them "sweet boy" if I'm talking to them and we're cuddling.
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Bud: Budrow, Booda, Bub, Bubba, Fatty and Chub
Echo: Eck, Eckie, Eckie Jean, Jeana, Eckie Baby
Tiki: Teek, Teeken, Tequila, Tiki LaRue, Babykin, Ms. Pris, Fuzzy Butt, Schugiebug, and a few others I can't print...but the most common rhymes with Witch and add a "y" at the end. She's a mood little thing!
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Shell, your nicknames reminded me of another we call Lady Colby the dog.......Stinky LaRue..
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What a cool topic !!!
Jazz ( Dog ) is Jazzie , Jazmin and Spazzo , LOL
Soul ( Dog ) is Soul , soulavin and bigfoot ( Don't ask..LOL )
Elmo ( Cat ) is Elmzie, Palmsie, Palmo, chupachub and cutie pie
Yogi ( Cat ) Is Yogurt , yoghi and the YOG mister!!!
Loonie ( Cat ) is Betty , noonoo and neenee
Holly ( Cat ) is Holz
Sophie ( Cat ) Is Soph
pewwwwww My fingers are geting sore, Maybe I will post the rest of my kitties nick names later Sam
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Sposeeeeee I can handle 1 more for the night
Top Gun is silver boy !!

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YAY! Excellent thread!!

Jake is aka - JakeyPooh, Jakey, Jakopher(Like Christopher), JakeyWakeyPoohBear, JakeyWakey. (He was named Jacob after my brother and it was eventually just shortened to Jake).

Sebastian is aka - Bastian, Bast, Bastbaby, Sebo, Seabass, Bobby-da-boo.

Drew is aka - Bear, Drewbear, Drewbaby, PoohBear, Drewber, Drewby, Fatboy, Babyboy, and Big-Bear-Baby-Drew-Boy. (He's the huskiest and biggest of the three and so he is the 'bear' of the brothers. )
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Jamie is Jamiecat, JC, Sweetie (Pie),Crazy Cat, Fatty Boomalatty, Jelly Belly, Big Black and White Cat, Super Cat, Spinner, and the Great Black and White Hunter.
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