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Baby's babies, cute!

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I know these aren't the best but for 3 day olds, these are the wiggliest kittens I've ever known.

The black/white tuxedo actually has a goatee, too bad it doesn't show up in the pics.
The other dark one is a brown tabby, but so far, only stripes on face and legs, spots on belly.
The third is still an enigma, the largest of the three, and obviously a tabby, but there is a lot of lighter patches, it may possibly be a torbie.

Since they were born in the back floor of my parents' Suzuki, I'd thought about naming them after Suzuki cars: Reno, Forenza and Vitara, that might wait a few weeks so I can determine gender first

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Bless!!!! They are so tiny and precious!!!
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Awwwww precious little ones
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oooo...more fuzzy squirmies to play with when i come out in Sept
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*giggle* They are precious! *sigh* I so miss having babies in the house.
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Baby is so spoiled.
It gets terribly hot here and she's out on my parents' cabana.
She has an evap fan blowing across the box and a tiny clip fan keeping the air in the box moving, and several times a day we soak the concrete and bamboo blinds and soak a small towel that hangs over the edge of the box to keep them all from getting too hot.

She comes and yells at us if she thinks there are any problems we should know about and
she loudly demands her evening canned food and petting session.

She doesn't mind the babies being handled by us, unless they squeak, then she yells at us until we put the baby down.
She is such a good momma, considering she's still a kitten herself.
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How precious!! babies are so fun!
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*giggle* I love it when the Mommas get so upset ... as if to say, "You put that baby down, you big boo fool! All that catterwalling is making me crazy(er)."
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They are sooo cute!!!!!
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they are cute. I love their little pink toes
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