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so called premium food?

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well I feed my cats the best food out there, i thought. California Natural (dry)and wellness beef and chicken canned and Innova canned. My cat still got a urinary track infection. I feed a little dry and mainly canned foods Would never just give dry. Now I have read that all of the vegetables etc are not that good as first thought. Cats are carnivirous. He is on Royal Canine Control just to try to clear his infection up. Definitely will not keep him on that "junk" for too long I hope. Sure beats science diet S/D. But personally do not care for either! What is one to do?
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I have 2 that are pre-deposed to UTI's and one of them in particular had a P.U. operation, because he kept blocking up. Mine are very very finicky and will not eat any of the good stuff, however, I do give them Fancy Feast wet food and mix it with extra water. They will nibble on Royal Canine Dry food but thats it. You can only do the best you can.
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Originally Posted by batrice View Post
well I feed my cats the best food out there, i thought. California Natural (dry)and wellness beef and chicken canned and Innova canned. My cat still got a urinary track infection.
Were there crystals in the urine???

I'm not sure diet can prevent utis unless there are crystals involved. Crystals can scrap the bladder and an infection can result. But utis can occur without there being crystals.

Edit: I just looked up the Royal Canin Control formula. It is supposed to prevent struvite crystals. so I assume struvite crystals were found in your kitties urine? My Jeta had a bout with struvite crystals and that was the tipping factor for me to switch to feeding raw. Eating raw maintains proper urine pH and prevents crystals. If you are interested I can give you some information on feeding raw. It isn't as difficult as many people believe.
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urine test at vet done in house showed some crystals. Then just had another urine done sent out by vet and after cat was on orbax and clavamox month later had urine done. Seemed strange but there was no bacteria or crystals!! Wanted to do a culture and sensitivity but if there is no bacteria or crystals guess you cannot. Went to a different vet. She said I could have had a false positive from the last urine test so now going to get it tested again. Plus the urine test said it was cloudy. When I saw it it was very clear so you got me. I just do not trust these vets seems they just want your money and the people behind the desk know nothing!I wanted the vet to test it like before. They said send it out (and my vet was not in that day I caught the urine) it would go out that evening and be back for the Dr in the morning. Well it did not go out when they said until the next day when the Doctor was in and could have tested it. etc etc.
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NOTE :Not one of the foods you were feeding were certified for UTI health.... Only a handful of foods are certified ; meaning they were tested not just to AFFCO stardards but also the FDA got results from a 18-24 months of additional testing for UTI health...

Raw helped with my CRF girl but then again I know a number of cats who got UTI s on raw only diets .... Royal Canin makes some very good RXs , but alot of times it has to be ordered
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Coco is on the Royal Canin Urinary. I order it from the Vet. The vet only sells Hill's but she said I can use the Royal Canin Urinary.
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Good luck finding "the diet" to help with UTI health....I'm still looking. There are a few foods UTI certified, but they are few & far between (and also usually not the highest quality).

I'm having success with the new Wellness (in the blue bag) for mine, but who might not work for you. I also feed wet food 2x a day & try to stay away from fishy flavors.
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Charlie is on RC for Urinary - I have to get it thru the vet's office. But I'm giving him canned Max Cat, Iams Beef and Natural Balance. He had his UTI last November and hasn't had a problem since with the food I'm feeding. I'm sticking to RC.
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He likes the royal canine control but but will not eat the canned. That seems to always be the problem with these urinary diets. But at least he eats some. Also was wondering if a culture and sensitivity can be done on urine if there is no bacteria or crystals. RBC came back (high) 4-10 (no number mentioned when normal is 0-3 also Blood came back +2 (high) when its supposed to be negative. Everything else was fine
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