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how bad is rice?

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I'm trying to find some decent canned foods. I would prefer to keep my cats grain-free, and it seems a lot of canned foods are grain-free except for rice.
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I have no problem with rice. In fact, when a cat is sick and can't keep things down, its recommended to give boiled shredded chicken and some plain white rice mixed in. I've used this for our dog once or twice when tummy is upset.
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I avoid foods with rice because they are almost always high in carbohydrates and I prefer low carb foods for my kitties. I believe a long term diet of high carb (> 10% on dry matter basis) foods lead to chronic ailments in cats.
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Most premiums with meat for the first 4-6 ingrediants on the can label are Low carb... Rice is fine if no allergies are present as it is the grain Most digested by our kitties

There are lots of no grains out there ranging from some Fancy feast flavors to the 95% meats by wellness and innova... Do you know how to do a search on site?? there are a number of threads with that info...
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Cats have no use for rice and I do not know that it serves any good purpose at all.
If you are in the US,there are plenty of grain free canned foods out there like wellness and merrick to name a few. Rice is cheaper then meat hence why you see it in the commercial brands, If you are not in the US maybe you can tell me where you are from and I can try to find out if you have grain free canned there
Best of luck
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I have done a few searches, but I figured it couldn't hurt to come right out and ask whether the ill effects of rice were negligible in low-carb canned food, rather than make inferences from semi-related threads.

Thank you for your responses.
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