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Sunday!! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Another nice morning here, sunny and 25 degrees..

Heading off to work shortly, am hoping for a fairly slow day so I can escape a bit early.

Tomorrow is my first day off in a couple of weeks so I am really looking forward to getting it started. I have to pick up some mini red potato's as well as some avocados at the farmer's market. I am going to my brothers for dinner tomorrow night so am making potato salad, and guacamole.

I am looking forward to having one of his tex-mex burgers that he makes with Jack cheese salsa and guacamole on the side..

The cats are good this morning Sassy is napping, Pixie and Linus are chasing each other around the house.

Everyone have a good day
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I'm on a high today after yesterday's amazing HR on Monty. Took loads of new piccies too! (Check Horses, Horses, HORSES!)

Today I'm not doing much, my nan and gdad have come round for the day as they do every fortnight, this morning went up to Staples and bought a new ink cartridge for the printer (wow! lol) And also got more credit for my phone, and some potatoes

Later I'm gonna go down to a tack shop and see if I can find any bargains on some HR gear

Seeeee yaaaaaa!
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Church at 10am - then after church we have to go to Walmart for a new vacuum cleaner (I've had it with the two we have now - they are dead!) and pick up a few things for bbq tomorrow.
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It's going to be another hot day today. The only thing I want to get done outside is getting my horse cleaned up, he's a grey that currently looks black! Other than that, just sitting inside in the air conditioning and getting some cleaning done.
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Going grocery and pet food shopping, picking up some movies, going to the butcher to pick up a pork shoulder. We bought a meat smoker and last weekend we tried unsuccessfully to smoke a different shoulder...after 13 hours the middle was still raw, lol. We couldn't get the heat high enough. Tomorrow we're going to try again. Then I'm making salsa and he's making the meat rub and then we're gonna watch movies and maybe grill out for dinner. Perfectly relaxing.
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Getting stuff together, and packed in the car, so we can leave at 4 am to drive to St. Ignace and walk the Mackinac Bridge tomorrow with my mom. One of the gals that I work with, Gayla, and her husband, are going to walk with us. They've done it several times before, so she gave me good hints! If we get home early enough, I will try to post pictures. Unfortunately, I have to be at work at 6:30 the next morning, so I might not be able to post pics until Wednesday (my day off.) Wish me luck. I'm a little afraid of heights, so I'm pretty nervous .
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I have to work! Why can't I be off on normal days like normal people? I miss seeing my hubby awake...
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Not much going on here today, just some laundry, and some Football, Our KY Wildcats play Louisville today

Have a good day everyone Vibes for all those affected by the Hurricane, stay safe
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Normally I work on Sundays, but I asked for today off so I could prep and attend a picnic in north Portland with some friends. We have an annual picnic, and normally it's been done in recent years at the house of one of the members... but their health issues (including an oxygen tank, which would be bad near the BBQ), keep us from using their place this year. So, after the others deliberated (far too long, IMO), a spot was chosen. Should be interesting, being in a public place this time...

I'm cooking two dishes, Sweet Potato Salad, and Persian Rice Salad. I wonder, if I took the mayo out of the Sweet Potato Salad (and just use a little more of the yogurt), if it would be more picnic friendly... I think it would be okay... I really don't want to cause food poisoning in my friends...

The rice is close to done (has to be cold to mix with other ingredients), and the SP's will take another hour after the rice... good thing the picnic is at 3!!

The temps are in the low 60's and rising here... a perfect day for a picnic...

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I'll take it easy during the middle of the day. However, I plan to head over to San Francisco tonight and see a documentary about one of my favorite bands, Love, with a couple of friends. I love three-day weekends!
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So far I have been catching up on work and surfing the net. My new interns start this week so last minute organising etc. I am being nice and have a spread of muffins, pastries etc and juice, tea and coffee organised for the first meeting while I bore them with 3 hours of admin stuff.

Then I am going to go to the shelter and help bottle feed some of the kittens to help supplement them and take some of the pressure off the momma cats who have adopted them and take some photos to do a write up on them for the website.

Then come home and update the website with the hope of having a day off tomorrow.
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Actually slept in until 7 am!!! That doesn't happen much with the cats!!

Did a couple loads of laundry hung out and picked up already as its really hot for this time of year in Wisconsin. Its warmer than 4th of July weekend and temps are going to be warmer tomorrow and Tuesday until a cold front and hopefully much needed rain arrives.

So on one of the warmest days of summer I have canned tomatoes!! Its a recipe that takes alot of prep work but I have about 10 quarts of a great base for many italian dishes-it took me about 2 hours to chop,core,seed all the tomatoes and I have another 20 plus pounds to pick tomorrow or Tuesday for sure.

Its currently 87F (31C) outside but in my kitchen (no A/C) its a good 10 degrees warmer.
I have fans in two windows to blow this warmer air outside.

So now relaxing for a bit, knitting another scarf and reading are the plans for later today.
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I've spent the whole day so far glued to the new stations watching updates on the hurricanes. Colin and I spent most of the morning trying to get ahold of his family - but no luck so far We're trying to see if they want to evacuate to Memphis an stay with us until this storm passes- but none of his family in Mobile are answering their phones or returning our phone calls I hope they're just out running errands and we hear from them soon. I'm getting a little worried they won't have enough time to evacuate if they don't do so quickly.
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We went to Church at 11 a m then out to lunch. When I came home I took a nice nap. .
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