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Your most favoritest things

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I thought we could tell our most "favoritest" things about each kitty we have. Or just favorite things. I like the kitty idea so:

My mom is sitting in so we'll both put our fav's.Her name is JancyeLee
Prudence:both of us agree, she's a catdog.

Wieland:Mom's= drinking from faucet in bathroom only
Me=EVERYTHING, He's my soulmate

Loki:Mom's=when he suckles ur ear
Me:He gives huggies.

Sara:Mom's=she shows her operation when asked(her belly from spay)
Me=The tuff of fur on her ears that are 2inches long

Cornflake:Mom's=when he squints in love
Me=his HUGE monster paws

Maple:Mom's= the begging thing
Me= EVERYTHING, she's my little kitten

Licorse:Mom's=His(but really a her) pointy ears
Me= He sleeps under blankys

We hope to hear all your favorite things.

Dali:blossom: and JancyeLee
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Opie is SO dignified. He rarely plays and only when he can't avoid Rowdy. That's why its so funny, when he loses it. Opie gets fed up with her and will chase her through the house, hissing and walloping her. He also sits in the window and hisses, spits and growls at Pearl. I can tell when he's been in the catnio, too. He lays in the middle of the floor, with his head upside down and a silly look on his face.

Rowdy is just cussed ornery. She jumps on everybody. She'll sit on a table, look you right in the eye and knock something off.

Buddy is very mellow and affectionate. I love the tiny, little squeak, coming out of that great, big cat.
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I like the way Hoots has to sleep with her head on my pillow.
I like the way Binks follows me around the house.I talk to her all day long.
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Neo: he is my cuddle bunny and love of my life!!
MoeMoe: He is just a funny cat!! He has great balance and does all this cool things!
My ferels:
Snowwhite: She is a wonderful mommy, and i'm so happy she trusts me!
Ashton: he is alittle clown!! and loves to have his pics taken
Lilly: I love her eyes!!
Sherbert: is just a pretty kitty!
Nimbus: doesn't cry when i hold him
Stormy: is very sweet and is starting to get used to me!
Blizard: My little runt kitten! just so tiny and cute!
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Trent is my Snuggle Monster, he likes being held like a baby with my hand on his tummy.

Ophelia is so independent, yet shows her love in her own Ophelia way.
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I love how Arutha likes to get under the covers to be petted, and curl up against my legs. I also love how he want's his belly rubbed, and lets me hold him like a baby!

I love that Thomas purrs almost every time he is touched, and how he purrs when I play with him. I love how sweet and calm he is too!!

I love Pug's spirit of adventure, and how he loves to go on car rides and meet new people. I love how he flops down on his back for belly rubs, but then decides he'd rather not have a belly rub, on second thought OK you can rub my belly .

I love everything about my little guys!!! I love to play with them and pet them, and watch them as they go through their day
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